Hugo’s Story

In 2017, Hugo stood up in front of 300 school friends at Marlborough College and talked about his personal battle with depression. It was an incredibly powerful talk that touched many people and started his life long mission to break down the stigma attached to Mental Health.

“I remember utter silence, everyone was so proud and in awe of Hugo being so open.”

Amelia Heard

He went on to complete a 150-mile bike ride through North Wales, where he raised £4,369 for Place2be, which was an amazing effort. The comments on his fundraising page are really touching, and showed just how much of an impact he had at such a young age.

“Hands down one of the most moving talks I’ve ever been to. He really was one of a kind.”

Will Farquhar

Ride4Hugo is a continuation of his amazing work, by not only raising funds and awareness of the amazing work that place2be do, but also Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance and Hampshire and IOW Air Ambulance. Both of which, very sadly, played a major part at the end of his life.

“Feeling that someone finally understood how I was feeling.”

Peta Dixon

So please get involved or support us by sharing our story far and wide on social media. Together we can carry on his legacy.

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