Hugo & Helen

Hugo Yaxley

Hugo was one of life’s positive people. In his short 20 years he touched so many peoples’ lives. Tragically he died in a car accident in November 2020.

Hugo was a big advocate of facing up to mental health issues, and changing the stigma attached to it. He had been through his own turmoil battling depression and learning to not let the disease rule his life. He spoke out to his peer group at school and raised money for Place2be, who promote mental health with school kids.

Hugo was a passionate cyclist. He would often use it as his transport of choice to go and stay with his friends. He did a charity bike ride through North Wales and in the summer of 2019 he cycled on his own down to Provence. So this ride is a fitting tribute to one of his great passions.

Hugo spent time in Spain and fell. in love with it. He decided he wanted to go to university in Madrid. So there is no better tribute than to combine all of this into an epic bike ride. So please join us and enter the ride.

Helen McCrory OBE

Helen, or Aunty Helen as she was to Hugo was one his greatest supporters. She had the most amazing way of lighting up any room she was in and making everyone around her smile. She was by far the most glamorous of us all. Her passing 5 months after Hugo’s accident was another huge blow to our incredibly close knit family.

Helen’s massive heart, quick wit and fearlessness will be sorely missed. There is no doubt though that Hugo will already have shown her the ropes, with the best places to have a drink and a cheeky rolly. By God what a pair they will be making up there and we know that they will be looking down on us all with love and great pride. 

Helen dedicated so much of her time off screen to charitable causes and one that was very close to her heart was HvH Arts. She had been their patron since the charity’s inception in 2013. HVH provides a gateway to the arts supporting disadvantaged children and young people by providing them with the inspiration and tools to develop life-long artistic passions, giving them access to free workshops in a wide range of arts in order to develop and grow. Before she died we asked her who she would like us to include as our fourth charity, she didn’t even think twice.

“Hugo was a very rare young man, an old soul, whose wisdom was far beyond his years.

Hugo wasn’t an average young man. He had already been to hell and back as a teenager battling with depression, he had conquered it, not by ridding himself of it but by refusing to allow it to stop his stride.

His smile was huge and broad and contagious. We will keep him alive in our hearts forever but I’m so so sad l’ll never see it again.

Aunty Helen’s refelctions on hugo
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