The Average Inseam to Height Ratio

inseam to height ratio

A cyclist’s inseam, the measurement from crotch to floor while standing upright without footwear, is a key factor in proper bicycle fit. The inseam-to-height ratio (I/H), calculated by dividing inseam by overall height, provides insight into leg length proportions. Higher I/H ratios indicate longer legs relative to torso length, suggesting a long-limbed physique. Conversely, lower … Read more

Best Chinese Carbon Wheels (Top 3 Picks)

best chinese carbon wheels

Carbon fiber wheels have evolved cycling performance, enabling cyclists to accomplish new speeds and aerodynamics. Thanks to innovative Chinese manufacturing, Chinese carbon wheel companies have emerged as reputable alternatives to traditional brands. This guide will provide an objective comparison of top Chinese carbon wheels, focusing on performance, dependability, and affordability. Chinese carbon wheel brands have … Read more

Flat Handlebars on Road Bikes: The Downside of Using Them

flat bar on a road bike

Flat handlebars have steadily grown in popularity among road bike enthusiasts for their ergonomic benefits and comfort. While they offer some advantages for a more casual riding style, drop handlebars remain the traditional and optimal choice for serious road biking due to their performance and control. In this article, we will explore the key differences … Read more

5 of the Best Entry-Level Road Bikes for Beginners

entry level road bikes

Road biking offers unlimited freedom and exhilaration. If you’re new to cycling, an entry-level road bike is an affordable yet capable choice to enjoy the sport. An entry-level bike provides many of the performance benefits of more expensive road bikes at a lower cost, making it a sensible starting point for beginners. Road bikes prioritize … Read more

Sensah Empire Pro Review: A Cost-Effective Option

Sensah Empire Pro Groupset

When serious cyclists seek out groupsets, they tend to overlook lesser-known brands in favor of the tried and true performance and reliability exhibited by industry stalwarts like Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo, despite their higher price points. Occasionally, however, an upstart brand emerges that generates interest – such is the case with Sensah. Having debuted in … Read more

What’s the Average Road Bike Speed – Finding Your Ideal Biking Pace

average bike speed

For those seeking to improve their fitness and health while enjoying picturesque countryside landscapes, road biking provides an immersive and gratifying experience. The sense of freedom that comes from cruising down an open highway atop a bicycle is unparalleled. Monitoring one’s average cycling speed is an effective metric for evaluating progress, optimizing training regimens and … Read more

Trek Emonda, Madone, and Domane (Reviews)

emonda madone domane

If you have decided that a Trek road bike shall constitute your next purchase in this product category but remain unsure as to which model would provide the optimal match for your requirements, this analysis may help elucidate why the choice between Trek’s Emonda, Madone and Domane lineups represents more than a superficial esthetic decision. … Read more

Commuter Bike vs Road Bike for Commuting

commuter bike vs road bike for commuting

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just starting your bike commute, choosing the right bike makes all the difference. There are two main types to consider: commuter and road bikes. While both can cover the distance, each has distinct pros and cons depending on your riding style, route and priorities. Let’s dive into the nuanced … Read more

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for Over 300, 400, 450, 500 Lbs

best recumbent exercise bike for over 300 lbs

Looking for the best recumbent exercise bike that can accommodate heavier riders? If you weigh over 300 lbs, finding an exercise bike that can support your weight while still offering a comfortable riding position can be challenging. Traditional upright bikes often have weight limits under 300 lbs, so a high-quality recumbent option may be your … Read more

Best Electric Bike for Snow | Top 7 Picks

best electric bike for snow

If you’re an avid cyclist who wants to continue riding through the snowy winter months, an electric bike is the perfect solution. With the right e-bike equipped with key features, you’ll be well prepared to tackle snowy trails, frosty paths and hilly commutes. To find the best electric bike for snow, look for a few … Read more