Best Bikes for Wheelies (Top 7 Picks)

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In the world of bicycling, wheelies are a common trick, and for a good reason, they’re entertaining to perform and may be an excellent way to showcase your abilities. Yet to pull off a wheelie, you need the correct bike and skill.

Although technically, any bike can be used for wheelies, and bicycles made especially for this purpose offer several advantages, such as improved stability, more straightforward control, and more pleasant riding.

Several bikes made expressly for wheeling have emerged due to the trick’s growing popularity. Smaller frames, longer top tubes, and higher bottom brackets are common characteristics of these bikes, which frequently have geometries and designs ideal for wheeling.

best bikes for wheelies
best bikes for wheelies

Moreover, they frequently have wider tires and bigger wheels, which improve control and stability on the back wheel.

Selecting the appropriate bike for wheelies might be difficult, as numerous options are available on the market. While choosing, there are a few crucial aspects to take into account.

They include the bicycle’s geometry, size, kind, and braking system. Also, consider your level of expertise and the amount of money you are willing to spend on your bike.

Finding the finest bike for wheelies is crucial whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider trying to advance your abilities.

In the following sections, we’ll look in more detail at some of the best bikes for wheelies now available, discussing their features, parts, and things to consider when selecting the best wheelie bike for your requirements.

1. Rating 4.5/5
Mongoose Legion Freestyle Youth BMX Bike L20
2. Rating 4.3/5
Tony Hawk HWK:720 24″ Bike
3. Rating 4.1/5
Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain Bike
4. Rating 4.4/5
Mongoose Legion Freestyle Kids BMX Bike Mag
5. Rating 4.3/5
Schwinn Sting Pro and Predator Team BMX Bike
6. Rating 4.3/5
Tony Hawk Aftermath 24″ BMX Bike
7. Rating 4.3/5
Ignyte 20″ Boys Red Quick Connect

The 7 Best Bikes for Wheelies

We’ve done the legwork and put a variety of bikes through their paces so that you don’t have to. These are the best choices if you’re looking for a bike with the right mix of stability, responsiveness, and strength to perform outstanding wheelies.

Without further ado, let’s get into our rundown of the 7 greatest bikes for wheelies so you can pick the right machine to take your wheelie skills to the next level.

1. Mongoose Legion Freestyle Youth BMX Bike L20

mongoose legion freestyle youth bmx bike l20
mongoose legion freestyle youth bmx bike l20

The Mongoose Legion BMX is our top pick for best bike to do wheelies on. BMX bikes are easier to handle than other types of bicycles due to their compact frames.

Their primary use is to be raced and/or performed tricks on. That’s why we decided to kick things off with a BMX bike.

The Legion BMX is equipped with a sturdy steel frame, a single-piece forged steel crank, and a tough handlebar assembly, making it more than up to the challenge of practicing wheelies.

You will also have the traction and grip required to comfortably do those acrobatics thanks to the 20-inch wheels with single-wall aluminum rims and 2.3-inch wide tires on the vehicle.

But it’s not just the bike’s technical capabilities that make it our top pick for wheelies; it’s also the bike’s overall appearance and feels.

Your confidence and willingness to keep training and polishing your wheelie technique will increase thanks to the Legion BMX’s smooth design and pleasant ride.

So, the Mongoose Legion BMX is our preferred bike for this purpose if you want a bike that is as serious about wheelies as you are.

  • Durable Hi-Ten steel frame and fork
  • Sufficiently wide tires to balance on
  • Small and easy to maneuver
  • Lightweight
  • Assembly of the brakes might require the help of an expert

2. Tony Hawk HWK:720 24″ Bike

tony hawk hwk 720 24 bike
tony hawk hwk 720 24 bike

The Tony Hawk HWK:720 24′′ Bike is the ideal choice as our second choice on this list of the finest bicycles for wheelies. The Tony Hawk was created especially for bikers seeking an extra rush of adrenaline during their off-roading excursions.

The Tony Hawk HWK:720 24″ Bike, to start, is made with tricks and stunts in mind. It has a strong steel frame that can resist the force of landing jumps and the rough ground involved in wheelies.

Also, the bike is simple to manage while performing wheelies thanks to the 24″ wheels’ outstanding blend of mobility and stability.

The bike also has a number of features that set it apart from other bikes on the market. It boasts front and rear pegs that enable additional tricks and feats, as well as a rear U-brake that offers dependable stopping force.

The bike’s sleek design is fantastic, and Tony Hawk’s distinctive logos give it an edge and fashionable appearance.

Overall, for anyone seeking for a bike that can withstand some real wheelie action, the Tony Hawk HWK:720 24″ Bike is a great option.

It is designed to provide a smooth and pleasant ride while standing up to the rigors of stunts and tricks. So why not give it a go and see what type of wheelies you can do with this powerful machine?

  • Powerful rear disc brakes.
  • Unique, and an eye-catchy design.
  • Comfortable riding experience.
  • A bit costlier provided its specifications.
  • No suspension might be a deal breaker for some.

3. Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain Bike

schwinn high timber adult mountain bike for wheelies
schwinn high timber adult mountain bike for wheelies

Although though the Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike isn’t officially advertised as a “wheelie bike,” its construction and parts make it easy to pull off this maneuver.

The Schwinn High Timber is a great option for riders who enjoy performing wheelies and other tricks and stunts on their bikes because of its durable frame and high-quality components.

The bike’s lightweight construction makes lifting the front wheel and balancing on the back wheel simple, and its quick-response brakes and easy-to-maneuver handling allow for perfect control during these moves.

Also, the high-quality gear assembly offers dependable and smooth power transmission, making it simpler to maintain balance and speed while pulling wheelies.

The Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike also offers great value for the money thanks to its high-quality parts and robust frame, which can resist the rigors of wheelies and other challenging bicycling sports.

The Schwinn High Timber is a great option for anyone searching for a dependable and high-performing wheelie bike, regardless of whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner looking to enhance your skills.

So, the Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike should be taken into consideration if you’re seeking for a bike to help you advance your biking and improve your wheelies.

It is the ideal option for anyone who wishes to pull off stunning tricks and acrobatics on their bike because to its superb design, high-quality parts, and exceptional pricing.

  • 21-speed gear shifts for high-end performance
  • Light and Strong aluminum frame.
  • Easy to maintain even in the long run.
  • The quality of all the components is not the best.
  • A bit on the costlier side.

4. Mongoose Legion Freestyle Kids BMX Bike Mag

mongoose legion freestyle kids bmx bike mag
mongoose legion freestyle kids bmx bike mag

The Legion Freestyle Kids BMX Bike from Mongoose is now one of their most popular offerings, and it’s one of the reasons why it made it onto our list of the best bikes for wheelies.

One of Mongoose’s best-selling items, the Legion Mag, has a loyal following. It is a freestyle sidewalk BMX bike that was made to withstand any challenge.

It’s the ideal bike for riders who want to up their wheelie game thanks to its strong construction and responsive handling.

The detangler brake system on the Legion Mag is one feature that distinguishes it from other bikes on the market. Riders may rotate the handlebars a complete 360 degrees without becoming tangled in the brake lines thanks to its sophisticated brake system.

This allows you to concentrate on doing those amazing wheelies without being concerned about getting stuck in the brakes.

Also, the Legion Mag is quite robust. With a strong and solid frame that can resist even the most difficult landings, it is designed to survive the demands of freestyle riding.

Also, because of how lightweight it is and how simple it is to move and control, riders can perform those stunning acrobatics with the confidence they require.

Thus, go no further than the Mongoose Legion Mag if you’re searching for a bike to help you ramp up your wheelie game.

It’s one of the best wheelie bikes available, and with to its cutting-edge features and robust construction, riders of all skill levels are likely to love it.

  • Good braking prowess.
  • Cable detangler that ensures proper wheelies.
  • Uses Mag wheels for a better performance.
  • Assembling the bike might take some time.

5. Schwinn Sting Pro and Predator Team BMX Bike

schwinn sting pro and predator team bmx bike
schwinn sting pro and predator team bmx bike

One of our favorite wheelie bikes is, without a doubt, this Schwinn Sting Pro and Predator, and for a good reason.

It has all the characteristics you need to hit the streets in style and also offers the ideal platform for performing some insane wheelies that will astound your buddies.

First, the bike is made to last, thanks to a rugged Schwinn steel frame. You can ride confidently on any surface thanks to the aluminum rims’ added durability without adding extra weight.

It is the ideal bike for cruising through town or performing wheelies because of its single-speed drivetrain and rear caliper brake, which make it easy to maintain and manage speed.

Yet, this Schwinn Sting Pro and Predator’s retro feel and classic appearance make it stand out. The historically accurate decals, paint, and parts provide the next-level vintage aesthetic guaranteed to draw attention.

And wherever you go, you’ll ride in style thanks to the frame’s prominent display of the famous Schwinn emblem.

This Schwinn Sting Pro and Predator are ideal for anyone wishing to spice up their bicycling travels, regardless of whether you’re an experienced wheelie expert or just getting started.

So why ride an ordinary bike when you can ride this Schwinn classic with style and perform fantastic wheelies? You won’t be let down, we promise.

  • Vintage look
  • Durable Hi-ten steel frame
  • Rear brake offers good stopping power
  • Adjustable seat post
  • Easy to maneuver thanks to compact BMX frame
  • Might have to replace the seat with a more comfortable one

6. Tony Hawk Aftermath 24″ BMX Bike

tony hawk aftermath 24 bmx bike
tony hawk aftermath 24 bmx bike

The Tony Hawk Aftermath 24″ BMX Bike is ideal if you enjoy BMX riding and want a bike that can handle all your wheelie stunts.

You can concentrate on refining your wheelie skills on this bike’s sturdy steel BMX frame without being concerned about breaking it.

Wheelies can be performed thanks to the bike’s lightweight alloy rims, which offer the ideal balance and maneuverability. Further ensuring smooth and reliable stopping, the rear Promaxx “U” design brake and lever assure you to push your limits.

The Tony Hawk Aftermath 24″ BMX Bike stands out for its attractive appearance. Thanks to the custom Tony Hawk graphics and red accents on the pedals and handlebars, this bike is guaranteed to draw attention as you cruise the neighborhood or ride around town.

This bike is perfect for performing wheelies and other tricks, regardless of your BMX experience. Also, this bike is ideal for riders 12 years old and older, thanks to its 24″ frame.

The Tony Hawk Aftermath 24″ BMX Bike is ideal if you’re searching for a bike that can handle all of your wheelie tricks and offer a smooth, comfortable ride.

Upgrade to the Tony Hawk Aftermath 24″ BMX Bike today and boost your wheelie game! Don’t settle for an ordinary bike!

  • Alloy rims and alloy kickstand
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable steel frame
  • Easy to maneuver thanks to compact BMX frame
  • Adjustable seat post
  • Some riders reported missing components

7. Ignyte 20″ Boys Red Quick Connect

ignyte 20 boys red quick connect
ignyte 20 boys red quick connect

The Ignyte 20″ Boys Red Quick Connect bike is the perfect ride for young daredevils ready to do wheelies. With its sleek design and impressive features, this bike will impress.

Designed for children ages 5 to 9 years old and with a rider height of 44-56 inches, this bike is well-suited for those ready to take on the biking world.

Thanks to its Quick Connect design, assembly is fast and easy – insert the fork and handlebar, fold the pedals down until they click in place, and insert the seat. This means your little one can get riding in no time without any frustration or delays.

But what sets the Ignyte apart is its BMX-style features, which make it ideal for performing cool tricks like wheelies. The gloss crimson-red frame with black wheel rims and handlebars look impressive, while the smoky gray tire sidewalls add style.

The front BMX pegs make it easy to perform stunts, while the rear coaster brake and front linear-pull brake provide excellent stopping power when it’s time to come back down to earth.

And remember comfort – the railed saddle and adjustable handlebar angle ensure a perfect fit for your little one, while adjusting seat height is easy without tools thanks to the quick-release clamp.

Plus, with a durable steel frame built to last, you can rest assured that your child will be able to enjoy this bike for years to come.

Overall, if you want to give your child the ultimate biking experience, the Ignyte 20″ Boys Red Quick Connect is the way to go.

With its impressive features and excellent BMX-style design, it’s sure to make any young rider feel like a pro. So why wait? Order yours today and watch your child’s biking skills soar!

  • Two Different Options In Terms Of Wheel Size
  • Removable Seat Tube
  • Kick Stand Included
  • Light Weight
  • it doesn’t have a rear hand brake

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Guide for Buying a Bike for Wheelies

guide for buying a bike for wheelies
guide for buying a bike for wheelies

If you’re new to the world of BMX and stunt riding, buying your first wheelie bike can be a daunting affair. Knowing where to begin might be challenging given the abundance of alternatives. But have no fear, we are here to assist.

We’ll walk you through every factor you should take into account when purchasing a bike for wheelies down below.

We’ll make sure you have all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision, from the sort of bike you need to the components you should look for.

Pick the proper type of bike

The type of bike you choose will depend on the kind of wheelies you wish to do. BMX bikes are famous for flatland wheelies, although mountain bikes or dirt jumpers are better for more complex maneuvers. A bike with a sturdy frame, wide handlebars, and light construction are things to look for.

Take into account the wheel size

The size of the wheels can have an impact on your capacity to pull wheelies. Larger wheels offer more stability and speed, while smaller wheels are more maneuverable and nimble. Choose a bike with the right wheel size based on the type of wheelie you intend to perform.

Choose high-quality parts

Your bike’s parts, like the brakes, gears, and pedals, can significantly impact how well you can wheel it. Look for sturdy, high-quality components that can resist the wear and tear of frequent use.

Verify the bike’s weight

The bike’s weight also influences your ability to pull wheelies. A lighter bike will be easier to lift and control for tricks and maneuvers.

Test drive the bike

Test-driving the bike to understand how it handles and feels before purchasing is crucial. This will help you decide if it’s the best bike for you and your wheelie objectives.

Think about extra features

Based on your requirements, consider extra features like suspension, disc brakes, or a rear peg for tricks. When making any final decisions, keep in mind that the price of the bike may increase with the addition of these options.


Wheelie bikes can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Before making a decision, set a budget and be sure you stay inside it.

Always keep in mind that choosing a bike for wheelies is all about striking the proper balance between budget and performance.

You may discover a bike that suits your demands and aids in your wheelie objectives by paying attention to these suggestions and performing your research.

How to Learn the Wheelie on the Bike

how to learn the wheelie on the bike
how to learn the wheelie on the bike

“Wheelie” refers to driving on only one of the two existing axles on a two-wheeler – mostly driving on the rear wheel. This is not only possible on a motorbike, you can also learn the wheelie on a bicycle.

The Basic Requirements for Learning the Wheelie

A few prerequisites must be met before you can begin practicing the wheelie. You’ll need a lot of practice as well as ambition, bravery, and perseverance.

The wheelie is a move that takes time to learn, so don’t get disappointed if you don’t get it straight away.

Find the Right Gear Ratio and Optimal Speed

Get the ideal speed and gear ratio for launching the wheelie if you’re riding a bike with gears. A tiny front and medium rear sprocket, along with a medium speed, are frequently appropriate beginning places. As you become more adept at the wheelie, you can change these parameters.

Use the Right Equipment

It’s crucial to utilize the appropriate safety gear when mastering the wheelie to keep yourself safe. Use a helmet and safety equipment, such as elbow and knee pads, shin guards, gloves, and knee and shin guards. Wear appropriate attire and footwear, as well.

Lower the Saddle and Find a Suitable Area to Practice

Lower the saddle and look for a level place that is slightly uphill to practice the wheelie. You won’t have to worry about the technique becoming second nature thanks to this.

Find the Optimal Speed and Stability

Get the right speed and stability for the wheelie by pedaling and accelerating. Choose a speed that is stable and feels comfortable to you. Thus, if it takes a few tries, don’t give up. This may require some trial and error.

Lift the Front Wheel and Shift Your Weight to the Rear Wheel

It’s time to lift the front wheel and move your weight to the back wheel once you’ve established the speed and stability that work best for you.

While continuing to pedal, elevate the front wheel by pulling up on the handlebars. To keep your balance as you raise the front wheel, switch your weight to the back wheel.

Pedal Evenly and Use the Rear Brake to Control Speed

Pedal as evenly as you can to advance. Use the rear brake to slow down if you are traveling too quickly. This will assist you while you practice the wheelie in maintaining control and balance.

Practice Regularly and Stay Safe

Always practice safely and on a regular basis. With patience and practice, you’ll soon become an expert wheelie performer and wow your friends. Wheelies may be held for more than 100 meters by skilled riders!