Best Chinese Carbon Wheels (Top 3 Picks)

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Carbon fiber wheels have evolved cycling performance, enabling cyclists to accomplish new speeds and aerodynamics.

Thanks to innovative Chinese manufacturing, Chinese carbon wheel companies have emerged as reputable alternatives to traditional brands.

best chinese carbon wheels
best chinese carbon wheels

This guide will provide an objective comparison of top Chinese carbon wheels, focusing on performance, dependability, and affordability.

Chinese carbon wheel brands have made substantial progress recently. With accessibility to high-quality carbon fiber materials and advanced manufacturing processes, these brands provide features and specs that are on par with international standards at competitive costs.

However, performance varies by company, so carefully evaluating each wheel for your needs is essential.

The goal of this guide is to sort through marketing claims to give you an informed, unbiased review of the latest Chinese carbon wheels.

We’ll examine crucial factors like weight, aerodynamics, heat dissipation and braking performance. We’ll also review the top brands based on their specs and user ratings, identifying the options that maximize performance for the price.

By the end, you’ll have the facts required to make an educated choice about which Chinese carbon wheels will improve your experience while meeting your requirements for reliability, dependability, and value.

Let’s get started!

Comparing Chinese Carbon Wheels

To determine which Chinese carbon wheels will best suit your needs, it’s essential to understand the key performance factors and specifications.

comparing chinese carbon wheels
comparing chinese carbon wheels

Chinese brands vary widely in the technologies they employ, so comparing specifications and features is the first step to identifying the optimal options.

Carbon Fiber Weave and Rim Profiles

The weave pattern of the carbon fiber and the rim profile have a major impact on wheel performance.

Tubular wheels use a single-weave carbon construction for strength, while clincher wheels employ multi-directional weaves for flexibility.

Deeper rim profiles provide more aerodynamics while shallower rims are lighter and stiffer.

Balancing Weight, Aerodynamics and Strength

Chinese carbon wheel brands must balance weight, aerodynamics and strength to create optimized wheelsets.

Lighter wheels can accelerate faster but less aerodynamic shapes create more drag. Each brand makes different trade-offs to appeal to specific rider requirements.

Disc Brake and Tire Width Compatibility

Compatibility with disc brakes and the appropriate tire clearances are important considerations. Check that the wheels will work with either rim or disc brakes, and accommodate the tire widths you need.

Heat Dissipation and Braking Performance

The ability of the wheels to dissipate heat buildup during intense riding and braking is critical for reliability and safety.

Consider the suspension, rim width, spoke count and brake design used to maximize performance and reduce heat.

By comparing these key specifications and technologies, you’ll understand the distinctions between Chinese carbon wheel brands and how they’ll impact performance for your specific needs.

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be well equipped to identify the options that offer the right balance of attributes to maximize your riding experience.

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3 of the Best Chinese Carbon Wheels

To determine the best Chinese carbon wheels for your needs, it’s crucial to evaluate the specifications, features and performance of the top options available.

We have reviewed and analyzed the leading Chinese carbon wheel brands based on key metrics like:

  • Rim and spoke specifications
  • Weight
  • Aerodynamics
  • Heat dissipation
  • Braking performance
  • User reviews and ratings

Here are the highlights of our reviews for the top Chinese carbon wheel options:

1. Superteam UCI-approved road bike wheels – Best Budget

superteam uci approved road bike wheels
Superteam UCI-approved road bike wheels

Main Features

  • 2-year warranty
  • Available in multiple decals colors
  • Ideal for: People looking for the most affordable Chinese carbon wheels
  • Affordable UCI-approved carbon wheels

Superteam’s Carbon 22 wheels are an affordable option for riders seeking high-performance carbon wheels at an economical price point.

Customer reviews consistently praise these wheels for the excellent value they provide given their cost. The wheels feature Powerway hubs that enable smooth, efficient cycling.

Users can choose between black or white decals, though a similar 23mm rim width option with alternative decal styles is available but not UCI-compliant.

For more information, we recommend reading reviews published by cycling websites that have tested these wheels on bikes like Giant Road Bikes.

Note that these wheels require a Shimano or SRAM cassette as they are not compatible with Campagnolo groupsets. Additionally, the wheels are clincher-type, not tubeless ready, so inner tubes must be used.

Superteam includes accessories such as brake pads, rim tape, spokes and nipples with the wheels’ 2-year warranty coverage.



Main Features

  • 2-year warranty
  • Full carbon fiber t700&t800 40mm depth 25mm width clincher tubeless ready wheels
  • Super light only 1355g/pair ( 605+-10g / 750+-10g )
  • Handbuilt with straight pull D01 hub
  • Build with Sapim cx-ray spoke

ICAN Cycling, headquartered in Shenzhen, China, manufactures carbon wheelsets, frames, complete bicycles, and carbon components. Founded in 2009, the company specializes in road wheels, mountain bike wheels, and gravel wheels made from carbon fiber.

Approximately 30% of ICAN Cycling’s total production comprises carbon frames. The company’s core products include road wheelsets, mountain bike wheelsets, gravel wheelsets, and carbon bike frames. ICAN Cycling also offers complete bicycles and other carbon components.

ICAN Cycling maintains warehouses in the United States, Europe, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Spain to provide timely logistics support to customers within those regions.

The “AERO 40 Disc” wheelset, ICAN Cycling’s best-selling product, caters to road bikes equipped with disc brakes, offering aerodynamic performance benefits derived from the wheelset’s carbon fiber construction.

ICAN Cycling leverages its expertise in carbon fiber materials research and application to consistently deliver high-quality, performance-oriented bicycling products and solutions for the global market.

The company continues to invest in innovation to improve its wheelset, frame, and component design.

3. Lún (Winspace) HYPER

hyper carbon wheels disc brake 50mm
hyper carbon wheels disc brake 50mm

Main Features

  • Available in multiple rim depths
  • Tubeless rim tape is already installed
  • 2-year warranty
  • Very stiff
  • Ideal for: People who want versatile and well-made wheels and those who appreciate original rim finish
  • UCI-approved
  • Unique ‘butterfly’ finish
  • Spare spokes, tubeless valves, valve extenders included
  • Good crosswinds stability

While HYPER wheels’ distinctive butterfly styling appeals to me aesthetically, performance ultimately determines a product’s value. I purchased a set to evaluate their ride characteristics independently.

HYPER wheels fall within an acceptable weight range for their class, balancing momentum and climbing efficiency without excessive rotational mass.

Crosswind stability represents an area for potential improvement in future models, as the current wheels exhibit good but not exceptional wind performance.

The wheels’ stiffness translates pedal power into forward momentum efficiently. However, their rigidity renders them unsuitable for rough roads without reducing tire pressures to compensate.

According to wind tunnel testing by Hambini Engineering, HYPER wheels achieved the fastest speeds of any wheelset evaluated, outperforming some offerings from Zipp, Enve, Mavic, and other prominent brands.

Options include rim or disc brake variants and rim depths ranging from 38 to 65mm.

While HYPER wheels come with a two-year warranty, availability remains constrained due to high demand.

As with all products, HYPER wheels exhibit minor shortcomings. Some users have reported creaking after a few rides, though I did not experience this issue, likely addressed through the application of grease to the hubs.

HYPER also sells HYPER SE wheels featuring steel bearings and identical performance at a lower price point. The 2023 HYPER wheels incorporate several improvements over the 2020 model.

HYPER remains committed to refining its wheel product line through innovation and design enhancement to ensure market leadership.

Value for Money Analysis

value for money analysis
value for money analysis

Understanding the pricing of Chinese carbon wheels and how price correlates with performance is key to identifying the best value options.

While cheaper wheels may be more affordable, higher prices do not always guarantee better performance. Our analysis focuses on:

Pricing Overview

Chinese carbon wheel prices range from $400 to $1200, with the most affordable options around $700. Prices depend mainly on rim depth, weight targets and technology employed. Deeper aerodynamic rims and lighter weight goals command higher prices.

Relationship Between Price and Performance

Within reason, price generally correlates with performance metrics like lower weight and additional features. However, there are exceptions where specific brands over- or under-deliver for their price point.

Best Value Options

By analyzing pricing, specs and user feedback, we have identified certain brands that maximize performance for the money.

They balance key metrics like weight, aerodynamics and braking at a price that delivers good value relative to other options.

Safety, Reliability and Ratings

safety reliability and ratings
safety reliability and ratings

Many riders have concerns about the structural integrity, durability and dependability of Chinese carbon wheels.

To address these issues, we examine certification, user reviews and experiences to validate the safety and reliability of the top options.

Addressing Common Concerns

Though some low-cost Chinese carbon wheels have had reliability issues in the past, the leading brands employ stringent manufacturing standards and rigorous testing to ensure safety and performance.

Safety Certification and Testing

Look for wheels that have passed international safety certifications like CE or CSA, and undergo fatigue, impact and tensile strength testing. Reputable brands conduct extensive testing before releasing products.

User Experiences and Reviews

User reviews and experiences provide insight into real-world reliability. The top Chinese carbon wheel brands generally receive positive feedback highlighting their durability, quality and performance over time.

Maintenance and Care Tips

With proper care and maintenance, your Chinese carbon wheels can last for many seasons of riding. Following these best practices will help extend the lifespan and performance of your wheels:

Carbon Rim Cleaning and Protection

  • Clean carbon rims using warm water and mild soap only – avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the resin
  • Apply wax or a sealant designed for carbon rims which fills microscopic pores and protects against moisture and UV rays

Proper Storage Techniques

  • Store wheels in a cool, dry place away from extreme temperatures
  • Hang wheels vertically by the dropouts or place on edge supports
  • Clean and dry wheels thoroughly before long-term storage

These techniques will:

  • Protect the resin and carbon weave from damage
  • Keep moisture and contaminants from seeping into the rim structure
  • Reduce stress on spokes during storage
  • Prepare wheels for their next ride in optimal condition

This care and maintenance advice reveals that:

  • Simple, gentle cleaning methods will preserve your wheels for longer
  • Applying a protective sealant coats the carbon and resins
  • Proper storage positions reduce stress on components
  • Thorough drying before storage prevents moisture buildup and corrosion

By following these best practices, you can maximize the lifespan and performance of your Chinese carbon wheels for seasons of fast, fun riding.

Adapt these techniques to your specific wheels, using the gentlest effective cleaning methods and paying attention to any special storage recommendations from the brand.

With the right care, your carbon wheels will reward you with peak performance for years.


By objectively comparing the features, specifications and performances of the top Chinese carbon wheel brands, several key benefits of Chinese carbon wheels have emerged:

Summary of Benefits

  • Competitive pricing – Chinese brands offer carbon wheels at significantly lower prices.
  • Innovation – Chinese companies push the envelope with new rim profiles, weave patterns and technologies.
  • Improved performance – Chinese wheels match or exceed international standards for weight, aerodynamics and heat dissipation.
  • Value for money – Many Chinese carbon wheels deliver surprisingly good performance for the price.

Final Considerations

Though Chinese carbon wheels have improved dramatically, some important factors remain:

  • Not all brands meet the same standards – Do your research to validate safety, quality and dependability.
  • Value is subjective – Each rider’s needs and priorities determine the best options.
  • Quality control varies – Customer service also differs, so read reviews carefully.

In the end, the best Chinese carbon wheels for you will meet your unique performance requirements while providing:

  • The features that matter most to your riding style
  • Adequate braking, heat dissipation and durability
  • Proven safety, quality and longevity through proper certification, testing and user reviews
  • The optimal balance of value, performance and price

By objectively considering these factors, you’ll be well equipped to make the choice that aligns with your priorities to get the most from your next set of Chinese carbon wheels.


Are Chinese carbon wheels as reliable as those from renowned brands?

While some lower-priced Chinese carbon wheels have had reliability issues, leading Chinese brands employ stringent manufacturing controls and quality testing to match international standards for durability, safety and performance.

However, it’s important to validate each brand’s certifications, testing procedures and manufacturing practices to ensure the reliability of the specific wheels you choose.

Can Chinese carbon wheels be customized to personal preferences?

Many mainstream Chinese carbon wheel brands offer a variety of performance-focused wheelsets that are optimized for specific riding styles and scenarios.

However, true customization options allowing for unique rim shapes, spoke counts, and build specifications are rarely available from Chinese manufacturers.

How do I choose the appropriate carbon wheels for my bike type and needs?

Consider your bike type, terrain, riding style and priorities to determine the ideal wheelset specs. Road cyclists typically favor lighter, more aerodynamic wheels while mountain bikers prioritize durability.

Disc brake compatibility, tire clearance and heat dissipation are also important. Review each brand’s performance focus to identify options suited to your specific needs.

What is the average lifespan of Chinese carbon wheels?

With proper care and maintenance, quality Chinese carbon wheels can typically last 5-8 years or more of regular riding before requiring replacement or rebuild.

Heavier riders, aggressive terrain and extreme conditions may shorten lifespan while proper rim protection, storage and spoke tension can extend it. Each brand’s proven durability also varies.