Best Fly Fishing Wet Wading Shoes (Top 8 Picks)

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As nature blossoms with vibrant hues of green and landscapes teem with the calls of migrating birds returning from afar, devoted anglers eagerly prepare their essential gear for the fly fishing season ahead.

These dedicated sportsmen and women understand all too well how swapping out winter boots for versatile wading shoes can transform a mundane fishing trip into a memorable outdoor adventure.

best fly fishing wet wading shoes
best fly fishing wet wading shoes

Unlike standard footwear which may only withstand the occasional splash or puddle, wading shoes are designed from the ground up for the unique demands of wading and fly fishing.

This comprehensive design affords unparalleled comfort, support, and durability, even when subjected to the punishment of extended use in challenging aquatic environments.

To aid anglers in navigating the wide array of options and selecting the ideal pair of wading shoes to enhance their fly fishing experience, our team of avid anglers and gear experts have thoroughly tested 10 of the top-rated models.

We evaluated these shoes across diverse waters, from the frigid rivers of the North to the meandering streams of the desert Southwest and tropical coastal flats.

1. Best Overall Water Shoe
Salomon Men’s/Women’s Amphib Bold 2
2. Best Water to Pavement Water Shoe
Astral Men’s/Women’s Water Shoes
3. Best for Reliable Traction
FROGG TOGGS Men’s Aransas II Neoprene
4. Best Suited for Spring
Salewa Wildfire GTX Approach Shoe
5. Best for Quality and Reliability
Hodgman Neoprene Wade Shoe
6. Best Choice for Hardcore River Users
Astral Rassler 2.0 Outdoor Minimalist Shoes
7. Best Inexpensive Wading Boots
Lurewilder Men’s Wading Boots Felt Sole
Latest Price
8. Best for Durability
Simms Men’s Freestone Wading Boots

Best Fly Fishing Wet Wading Shoes (Reviewed)

Within this comprehensive guide, we share our first-hand findings and recommendations to provide you with the knowledge necessary to make an informed choice when selecting the perfect wading shoes to transform your fly fishing adventures into pure joy and sublime bliss.

We have the informed recommendations and advice to help you discover the wonderfully comfortable and durable wading shoes that will keep you on the water for years to come.

1. Salomon Men’s/Women’s Amphib Bold 2

salomon amphib bold 2
salomon amphib bold 2

Basic Info

  • Sole: Contragrip FD
  • Lacing System: Quicklace
  • Warranty: 2-year limited
  • Size Availability: Men 7-14, Women 5-11

The Salomon Amphib Bold 2 is the ideal footwear for those seeking a versatile and durable wet-wading shoe to enhance their fly fishing adventures.

This shoe is designed to handle the demands of traversing multiple water crossings, navigating shallow rivers and streams, and plunging through puddles with ease and confidence.

The Contagrip outsole provides exceptional grip on a variety of underwater and terrestrial surfaces, from smooth wet rocks to dry, uneven terrain.

This durable rubber compound is built to last through countless miles and countless crossings. The Quicklace closure and gusseted tongue keep debris at bay, maintaining a snug and secure fit even in the most challenging conditions.

The EVA sock liner and foam midsole provide cushioning and shock absorption, ensuring a comfortable stride across any landscape.

The S.Café technology, crafted from coffee grounds, admirably manages moisture and prevents the growth of odors within the shoe.

By collapsing at the heel, this shoe can also function as a slide for those seeking to fully immerse themselves in water adventures.

Versatile, durable, and built for fun, the Amphib Bold 2 is the perfect footwear for summer exploring on and off the trail. From running trails to rivers and streams, this shoe enhances the freedom and joy of movement.

Whether a seasoned angler upgrading essential gear or a novice discovering the thrill of the outdoors, the Amphib Bold 2 delivers a sublime experience.

With lightweight yet protective materials, exceptional grip, and cushioning comfort, the Amphib Bold 2 transforms any excursion into a memorable adventure.

This versatile and run-ready wet-wading shoe is ideal for enhancing and extending the fly fishing season.


  • Versatility
  • Collapsible heel


  • On the narrow side

2. Astral Men’s/Women’s Water Shoes

astral water shoes
astral water shoes

Basic Info

  • Sole: G.15 rubber with Flex-Grip
  • Lacing System: Laces
  • Warranty: 1-year limited
  • Size Availability: Men’s 8-14, Women’s 6-11

The Astral Loyak AC is Astral’s most versatile and stylish water shoe yet. Available for both men and women, it strikes a perfect balance of performance and panache, capable of handling any aquatic adventure while also functioning as an everyday casual shoe.

Building on the success of Astral’s original Loyak shoe, recognized by Outside Magazine as one of the “Best” water shoes, the Loyak AC has earned rave reviews from testers ranging from New Mexico whitewater rafters to Minnesota walleye fishermen.

We believe this shoe is ideal for anyone looking to unite functionality and fashion.

The Loyak AC excels at both, delivering a comfortable and grippy ride on the water and off. Its lightweight yet durable design and ultra-grippy rubber sole handle everything from class II rapids to sandy beaches with equal aplomb.

The sock-like upper and water drains keep feet dry without sacrificing feel, while reinforced straps provide support on long days on the water.

Though primarily a narrow shoe, the AC’s flexible and expandable construction works well for normal or even slightly wider feet, especially when going up a half size.

Unlike typical water shoes, the AC provides a natural, flexible feel that’s equally at home interacting with water as the trail underfoot.

An almost disconcerting level of feedback helps you feel the texture of stones and contours of terrain in a way that’s exhilarating yet grounding.

For colder water, a light wool sock ensures your feet remain cozy and comfortable throughout any aquatic escapade.

The AC is an ideal shoe for transitioning from water to trail and back again without missing a beat. Its adaptable and appealing design has proven an enormously versatile tool for play and purpose alike.

For any lover of the outdoors looking for a single shoe to handle it all, the Astral Loyak AC is an obvious and inspired choice.

In the end, the Loyak AC isn’t just a water shoe. It’s an all-day adventure shoe that brings fun, function, and fashion altogether in one versatile and dashing package. The ideal unity of form and function has finally arrived.


  • Kept the rocks out


  • On the narrow side

3. FROGG TOGGS Men’s Aransas II Neoprene

frogg toggs aransas ii neoprene
frogg toggs aransas ii neoprene

Basic Info

  • 60% Polyester, 40% PVC
  • Imported
  • Reinforced toe and heel cap with adjustable hook-and-loop ankle strap
  • Cleated rubber athletic outsole for outstanding traction in sand, mud and shell
  • 5mm neoprene outer shell for durability and comfort
  • Heavy-duty zipper closure with full gusset keeps sand off your feet

FROGG TOGGS knows better than anyone how demanding fly fishing can be on your gear and your feet.

That’s why they designed the Aransas II Neoprene Wet Wading Shoes, boots specifically built for the kind of tough, all-day wading that serious fly anglers demand.

Crafted from high-quality 3.5mm neoprene, the Aransas II provides unmatched comfort and durability for wet wading.

The neoprene strikes a perfect balance, warm and flexible enough for cold water but durable enough to handle the rigors of rough terrain and endless steps between the water and the riverbank.

Mesh panels and a padded collar offer extra breathability and support, while a rugged rubber toe cap and heel counter, topped with a grippy, non-slip outsole, give you the traction you can trust on any surface.

Seasoned anglers know the value of cushioning and sensation, which is why FROGG TOGGS built the Aransas II around a thick EVA midsole.

It absorbs shock and keeps feet fresh for miles, allowing you to focus on the battle ahead rather than the ache in your feet.

An adjustable hook-and-loop closure ensures a custom, secure fit that keeps debris out and warmth and dryness in.

The Aransas II is made for anglers who know every detail matters in their gear, from craftsmanship to comfort to performance.

It’s the all-day, do-it-all wading shoe that flies fishers have been waiting for, able to transition without skipping a beat from the water to the trails and back again.

For the angler who refuses to compromise, the Aransas II Neoprene Wet Wading Shoes are the obvious choice.

Built on proven design and premium materials, these shoes will enhance every mile on the water and every fish reeled in, through any condition.

When the day comes down to you, your gear, and the river, you want shoes as passionate as you are. The Aransas II delivers, and then some.

craftsmanship and passion for the sport, down to every detail. This is gear built by fellow anglers, for fellow anglers, to help you pursue your passion without limits.

The Aransas II Neoprene Wet Wading Shoes: pure performance. Superior comfort. Absolute dedication to the craft.


  • Wading Boot With Traction
  • Durable Protection
  • Comfort
  • Keeps the Grit Out


  • If you have banana feet, not for you.

4. Salewa Wildfire GTX Approach Shoe

salewa wildfire gtx approach shoe
salewa wildfire gtx approach shoe

Basic Info

  • Man Made
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Man made sole
  • Upper: Breathable mesh / Exa Shell Over Injected 3D Cage
  • Lining: Breathable mesh lining
  • Specifications: Vegan

The Salewa Wildfire GTX Approach Shoe is a highly versatile shoe designed for activities like fly fishing wet wading that demand excellent performance in variable conditions.

Crafted of a breathable mesh and synthetic upper for weather-resistant durability, this shoe provides protection and support without compromising breathability or mobility.

Its Gore-Tex lining delivers superior waterproofing, keeping feet dry when wading through streams or fishing in rain.

For anglers navigating challenging terrain, the Approach Shoe’s grippy and slip-resistant outsole provides exceptional traction on wet rocks, mud, and uneven ground. This is critical safety equipment for the hikes and scrambles involved in reaching remote fishing spots.

The shoe also features Salewa’s specialized Quicklace system, allowing for precise, secure fitting and micro-adjustments on the fly.

When conditions change, Quicklace ensures the shoe continues to fit snugly and supportive, preventing slips that could end a successful day on the water.

Built on a legacy of technical design and premium materials, the Wildfire GTX Approach Shoe is an all-day versatile model that delivers on the demands of activities like fly fishing.

Whether hiking miles over rugged trails to your secret fishing hole or wading cold-water streams all day, this shoe keeps feet dry, comfortable, and ready to navigate any terrain between you and the fish.

For anglers and adventurers looking for a high-performance shoe that can transition seamlessly between environments, the Approach Shoe represents an excellent choice.

With weatherproof construction, exceptional grip, and a fit system tailored to safety, this shoe will enhance your experience in the outdoors without limiting it.

From hiking to wading and every milestone in between, the Salewa Wildfire GTX Approach Shoe is designed to help you reach further and fish harder.

This shoe delivers on the promise of versatility and performance at every turn. Pursue your passion without compromise.


  • Fit
  • Grips nicely to the ground
  • Nice amount of toe space
  • Good support
  • Toe protection with heavy rubber around the front
  • Lacing actually holds


  • They take a few seconds to tie properly (expected)

5. Hodgman Neoprene Wade Shoe

hodgman neoprene wade shoe
hodgman neoprene wade shoe

Basic Info

  • The most trusted name is waders and outdoor gear
  • Made using high quality duarble materials
  • Tested for quality and reliability

The Hodgman Neoprene Wade Shoe is a high-quality wet-wading shoe purpose-built for the demands of fly fishing.

Crafted from durable neoprene built to handle harsh conditions, this shoe delivers comfort, protection, and performance across any environment between you and the fish.

For proper fit and suitability, Hodgman recommends determining your regular shoe size and ordering the corresponding wading boot size, typically sizing up for men or down for women.

Half sizes may require sizing up by half. Size 9.5 would order a size 10, for instance.

With years of expertise in engineering quality gear for anglers, Hodgman designed this shoe to offer exceptional value and reliable results.

Premium, weather-resistant materials will keep feet dry and comfortable through seasons of use, while supportive construction enhances grip, stability, and safety on varied terrain.

Ideal for fly fishers seeking a wading shoe they can trust, the Neoprene Wade Shoe delivers performance without compromises.

Whether wading cold streams all day or hiking miles over rugged trails to your secret fishing hole, this shoe keeps feet conditioned and ready.

Every detail, from sizing to materials, establishes this as the wading shoe of choice for anglers unwilling to accept anything less than total performance, protection, and panoramic comfort.

At any price point, there are few wading shoes so intrinsically suited to survive the punishment of a serious fly fisherman.

For the angler who refuses to settle, the Hodgman Neoprene Wade Shoe represents an obvious choice. With a pedigree of quality, this shoe enhances every mile on the water and every fish reeled in.

When conditions get tough and the fish start biting, you want gear as passionate as you are. This shoe delivers that and more.

Though designed with fly fishers in mind, the Neoprene Wade Shoe proves equally at home on any trail or in any environment demanding weather-resistant performance and comfort without compromise.

For versatility and endurance, few wading shoes can match their abilities on or off the water.

In conclusion, the choice comes down to passion, and ensuring every minute on the water is spent fully immersed in the experience. For that angler, the Hodgman Neoprene Wade Shoe ensures just that.


  • Great footing
  • Very well made


  • The zipper, although sturdy has no locking mechanism

6. Astral Rassler 2.0 Outdoor Minimalist Shoes

astral rassler 2 0 outdoor minimalist shoes
astral rassler 2 0 outdoor minimalist shoes

Basic Info

  • Fit: True to size (up to D width)
  • Weight/shoe: Men’s 9 = 222g (7.8 oz)
  • Foot to ground distance: 17mm heel, 16mm ball

The Astral Rassler 2.0 Outdoor Minimalist Shoes are highly versatile shoes designed for activities like fly fishing and wet wading that demand outstanding performance and safety.

Crafted of premium, durable materials, including a rubber outsole engineered for enhanced grip and balanced sensory feedback, this shoe provides secure footing even on the slickest, wettest terrain.

Granite Grip 2.0 technology optimizes surface area and contact, gaining extra traction without sacrificing flexibility or feel.

Razor-siped, divided lugs and a maximized tread pattern enable tenacity on rough, technical trails as well as silkier paths through the water.

For security on uneven, unpredictable ground, a level footbed and wider toe box improve stability, agility, and the ability to spread toes for balance.

Despite lightweight construction (222g), cushioned ankle and heel counters provide support mile after mile, while TPU overlays shield from impacts and the elements.

Built on a legacy of technical expertise, the Rassler eliminates the point of pain between the water and your favorite fish. Its grippy, responsive outsole navigates the rocks and gravel of streams as comfortably as the trails back to your vehicle.

Mesh design and built-in Polygiene keep odor at bay and moisture at a minimum, while drainage points release any water absorbed.

For anglers and adventurers alike, the Rassler 2.0 Outdoor Minimalist Shoes represent an ideal all-day wading shoe. Its versatility and secure, nimble performance on land or in water allow free-flowing enjoyment of the outdoors without compromise.

Whether hiking into remote backcountry lakes, wading icy streams all day in pursuit of native trout, or any journey in between, this shoe keeps feet conditioned, comfortable and confident.

Ideal for those unwilling to accept anything less than total control, endurance, and proximity to experience, the Rassler 2.0 delivers on the promise of performance without limits.

At any price point, few shoes so intrinsically fuse security and liberation. For the athlete who refuses to settle, this shoe enhances every mile.

With a legacy of angler-tested quality and engineering know-how, the Astral Rassler 2.0 Outdoor Minimalist Shoes get you closer to the moment and further from obstacles. In the end, your passion comes first. This shoe follows.


  • Lightweight
  • Excellent grip
  • Excellent hiking performance
  • Quick-dry
  • Excellent ankle protection
  • Versatile design


  • Too narrow

7. Lurewilder Men’s Wading Boots Felt Sole

lurewilder wading boots felt sole
lurewilder wading boots felt sole

Basic Info

  • Reinforced heel and toe for extended protection.
  • High density and thick felt for long lasting usage, provides great traction.
  • Right green for cheating coloration.
  • 3M special glue for sole cold cement, several heat and cool down when assembling.
  • Rust free eyelets in both salt water and fresh water.
  • Choose the right stuffing sponge, less water soak in, less weight when moving.

The Lurewilder Wading Boots Felt Sole is an exceptionally well-crafted wading boot suited to the demands of serious fly fishing.

Designed of high-density, durable felt that delivers unsurpassed traction even on the slickest, wettest stones.

These boots secure your footing without compromising mobility or feel. The felt sole stands up to repeated use in harsh conditions, resulting in years of faithful service.

For corrosion-free performance in salt or fresh, rust-free eyelets ensure these boots outlast the elements. Tested under maximum heat and cold, 3M special glue bonds the sole to the upper for longevity few boots can match.

Available in earthy green hues crafted to camouflage without hindering visibility, reinforced heel and toe fend off impacts that might hamper your day on the water.

When determining size, consider the included stuffing sock; properly inflating this sock reduces water absorption for less weight and better handling. Imperative for quick movement over rocky, uneven ground.

For the angler unwilling to accept anything short of the absolute best, the Lurewilder Wading Boots Felt Sole represents an obvious choice.

With proven, angler-tested durability, secure and nimble performance, and an ideal of quality above all else, these boots enhance each mile on whichever waters inspire your passion.

Seasoned by countless hours on the water, this boot eliminates the compromise between the commitment to your sport and the reality of its demands.

When conditions turn tough and every mistake costs a missed chance, you want gear that believes as you do: in refusing to settle at any price.

For the athlete of the highest caliber and deepest dedication, few boots could suffice. This is one of them.

Of unrivaled craftsmanship and fortitude, the Lurewilder Wading Boots Felt Sole gets you closer to the moment and farther from obstacles.

In rain or shine, rough water or still, your devotion leads this boot follows. There are easier ways to spend a day. There is no better.


  • Felt bottom
  • Ankle support
  • Breathable upper portion
  • Sizes 8-13 available


  • Need to be ordered one size larger

8. Simms Men’s Freestone Wading Boots

simms freestone wading boots
simms freestone wading boots

Basic Info

  • Waterproof synthetic leather & scratch rubber upper
  • Partial neoprene lining
  • Dual-density EVA midsole for shock absorption

The Simms Freestone Wading Boots are the obvious choice for anglers unwilling to accept anything short of the most demanding conditions and complete performance.

Backed by years of expertise and a proven record of success on the toughest waters, these boots ensure the security and endurance required for depending on your gear as you do your passion.

Handcrafted of synthetic leather and scratch-resistant rubber, the Freestone withstands punishment that breaks lesser boots, while a dual-density EVA midsole absorbs shocks that might cripple lesser makes.

Regardless of the season or terrain, these boots stand up to hauling you closer to fish and farther from second-guessing your decision to make the long hike in.

Ideal for those unwilling to sacrifice mobility or a nuanced feel for durability, right-angle footbed technology fights fatigue without hampering swiftness or cleverness.

A cushioned midsole, partial neoprene lining, and wide opening keep feet conditioned over any distance,space, or condition, while speed lace hooks and lace-toe closure track your movements for a secure fit as tenacious as your endurance.

Built for those unwilling to accept limits, the Freestone provides a level of performance and protective comfort few boots can match at any cost.

For the angler who sees no compromise between skill, dedication, and gear capable of following each, this boot delivers without exception.

When conditions turn treacherous and every mistake holds the chance of loss, you want equipment as unwilling to quit as you. The Simms Freestone Wading Boot is that equipment.

Seasoned by countless hours on waters where mistakes prove costly, the Freestone follows where your passion leads. There are no easier ways to spend a day. There are no better boots for the journey.

Of unrivaled strength and fortitude, these boots get you closer to the moment and farther from obstacles. In rain or shine, roughest rapids, or glassiest flats, they keep pace without fail.

At any price, few boots marry security, endurance, and liberating mobility as thoroughly as the Simms Freestone Wading Boot.

For anglers unwilling to accept limits, this boot delivers without exception. Your devotion leads. This boot follows.


  • Sturdy and rugged fit and make.
  • Collar is padded and aids in foot stability.
  • Good material and fit for wading.
  • Grips well in water for good traction.
  • Durable and comfortable.
  • Stylish and comfortable.
  • Synthetic upper is stiff enough to provide support.


  • Wider fit may not suit some foot shapes.
  • Might not be light enough for some people’s needs.
  • Heavier weight compared to the competition.

What is a wading shoe?

Wading shoes are footwear engineered to support anglers venturing where few others tread.

Crafted of materials suited to durability, with features ensuring comfort over long distances, wading shoes secure footing and safeguard well-being so you can follow your passion without hindrance.

What is wading?

Defined by purpose, wading shoes are designed first and foremost for stability, protection, and performance in challenging conditions.

Meant to partner with waders for added dryness and warmth, these shoes prove equally capable on their own for warmer wet wading. Either way, they get you closer to fish in more places.

How we researched

To determine the wading shoe optimal for you, we evaluated options through hands-on testing. We considered durability by subjecting shoes to abrasion, impact, and corrosion on rough, technical terrain and waters ranging from rapids to flats.

Traction came under scrutiny on wet rocks, sand, mud, and grass, as did drainage rates and the ability to swiftly shed weight from soaked uppers.

Comfort was assessed by miles on diverse, demanding routes. Style factored in for those prioritizing fashion over function.

Testing criteria:

Through this process, we refined criteria against which any worthy wading shoe should be judged, including:

Traction: The shoe’s grip on terrain from slick stones to yielding mud, ensuring surefooted motion without hindrance.

Drainage: How swiftly and thoroughly the shoe evacuates water, drying fast enough to avoid blisters and maintain nimble mobility.

Durability: The longevity and resilience of the shoe, protective yet supple enough to withstand punishment season after season without failure.

Comfort: How well the shoe cushions, supports, and insulates, relieving impact and fatigue over the durations typical of a passionate angler.

Style: optional considerations of fashion and appearance for those for whom style proves as important as substance.

In providing an overview of available options, their materials, features, performances, and our hands-on evaluation thereof, we aim not to convince but educate.

Determine your priorities and there find a shoe to support your thrills without compromise. Wading shoes are meant to secure your dedication, not dictate it. Your passion leads; the right shoe follows.

Guide to Buying the Best Fly Fishing Wet Wading Shoes

When selecting wet-wading shoes for a passion as demanding as fly fishing, considerations of quality and suitability prove as essential as any fashionable flair.

We discuss herein factors determining how well any given shoe will perform and accommodate the abuses incident to your sport and dedication.


Materials matter, as those able to withstand the elements while keeping feet relatively dry, breathable and odor-free mean the difference between thrill and misery.

Mesh, neoprene, rubber, and leather top ranks of options here, each with Pros and Cons to weigh against conditions likely encountered.


An ideal fit releases some room for socks or wading socks as needed, and secures firmly yet not too tightly, with laces or straps adjusted to any personal preference. When fit fails, no shoe will serve for long.


The sole should handle any terrain or water condition with equal aplomb, from rocks to mud; here rubber, EVA foam, and felt or metal studs for extra traction based on regulations and personal choice.

Grip demands consideration of the forces likely to bear, especially when missteps prove costly.


Drainage ports or holes allow water egress and airflow, preventing sogginess while keeping feet relatively dry and cool. When excess moisture limits feel and handling, drainage proves essential.


Style takes many forms, from boots and shoes to sandals or flats, determined by needs of coverage, support, and temperature. Consider what personal comfort and conditions encountered call for here.


Wet-wading shoes should meet the essential needs of security, endurance, and feel without sacrificing unfettered mobility when the time comes to move swiftly.

We aim not to sell any single product here but rather enable discrimination and determine your priorities. There are easier ways to spend a day; fewer serve with more dedication and demand.

Materials, fit, sole, drainage, and style: weigh each factor against conditions and the demands of your dedication. Leave compromise and mediocrity behind, as the right tool makes any path more thrilling.

Demand enduring security and unhindered performance, and accept nothing less. Your passion will thank you for it.

By navigating options objectively based on purpose and priorities rather than arbitrary recommendations alone, you choose equipment that serves rather than dictates.

A companion as willing and able as you, through any conditions, demands, or terrain. The ideal partner, in short, for any pursuit as rewarding and demanding as fly fishing is meant to be.