How To Use Peloton Strive Score? Everything is Described

how to use peloton strive score

The Peloton Strive Score is a useful training tool that can help you make the most of your Peloton workouts. By monitoring key metrics like intensity, heart rate and workout duration, the Strive Score gives you valuable insight into your current fitness level and progress over time. As fitness enthusiasts ourselves, we know how motivating … Read more

How To Turn Off The Peloton Screen

how to turn off the peloton screen

Peloton is a popular home fitness equipment that allows you to enjoy high-intensity cycling workouts with a 21.5-inch touchscreen monitor. The monitor lets you access the Peloton app, live classes, music, performance metrics and more. However, you may want to turn off the screen after using the bike for various reasons, such as saving energy, … Read more

The Secrets Behind Peloton Instructor Age [2023]

peloton instructor age

The rise of fitness-technology brand Peloton and its profound impact on the modern fitness industry is undeniable. By connecting members to live and on-demand fitness classes from the comfort of home, Peloton has revolutionized the fitness experience and gained millions of loyal users worldwide. While Peloton’s innovative technology and wide range of content attract users, … Read more

The Most Famous Peloton Instructors: The Top 30

most famous peloton instructors

Peloton has emerged as one of the most transformational fitness brands of our time. Since its launch in 2012, the company has radically changed how we think about home workouts and connected fitness communities. At the heart of Peloton’s success lies its roster of star instructors who motivate, educate and inspire riders through their infectious … Read more

Top hardest Peloton Instructors

hardest peloton instructors

Peloton Rides Led by the Toughest Cycling Instructors for Intense WorkoutsWhether you seek to lose weight, gain muscle endurance or simply push yourself to the limit, Peloton offers top-tier classes from the industry’s most challenging instructors. Their largest roster of over 60 live and on-demand cycling trainers caters to any fitness level, but these 15 … Read more

Biking vs Cycling – The Main Differences

biking vs cycling

Biking and cycling have seen enormous growth in popularity in recent years, offering innumerable health, environmental and recreational benefits. From family activities and fitness regimens to competitive sports and sustainable modes of transportation, cycling and biking now involve everything from casual trail riding to professional racing. While biking and cycling offer many shared advantages, there … Read more

The Average Inseam to Height Ratio

inseam to height ratio

A cyclist’s inseam, the measurement from crotch to floor while standing upright without footwear, is a key factor in proper bicycle fit. The inseam-to-height ratio (I/H), calculated by dividing inseam by overall height, provides insight into leg length proportions. Higher I/H ratios indicate longer legs relative to torso length, suggesting a long-limbed physique. Conversely, lower … Read more

Flat Handlebars on Road Bikes: The Downside of Using Them

flat bar on a road bike

Flat handlebars have steadily grown in popularity among road bike enthusiasts for their ergonomic benefits and comfort. While they offer some advantages for a more casual riding style, drop handlebars remain the traditional and optimal choice for serious road biking due to their performance and control. In this article, we will explore the key differences … Read more

What’s the Average Road Bike Speed – Finding Your Ideal Biking Pace

average bike speed

For those seeking to improve their fitness and health while enjoying picturesque countryside landscapes, road biking provides an immersive and gratifying experience. The sense of freedom that comes from cruising down an open highway atop a bicycle is unparalleled. Monitoring one’s average cycling speed is an effective metric for evaluating progress, optimizing training regimens and … Read more