Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance

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In today’s fast-paced world, emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. Whether it is a natural disaster, a road accident, or a medical emergency, timely and effective medical transportation is crucial.

In such situations, air ambulance services can make all the difference. In this article, we will discuss the importance of air ambulance services for emergency medical transportation.

charities dorset and somerset air ambulance
charities dorset and somerset air ambulance

Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance

Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance was established to provide relief from sickness and injury for the people of Dorset and Somerset with an air and road-delivered critical care capability. They operate 19 hours a day (07.00am – 02.00am) using their AW169 helicopter and critical care car.

Their cohort of clinicians include a mixture of senior emergency physicians, intensive care consultants and anaesthetists and specialist practitioners in critical care. Each mission consists of a critical care team made up of a doctor and specialist practitioner.

what is an air ambulance service
what is an air ambulance service

They receive no direct funding from the Government or the National Lottery and rely on the generosity of the public for support. Their operational costs are over £5 million a year and the approximate cost per mission is £3,000.

Since launching in 2000 they have flown thousands of missions from their airbase at Henstridge Airfield on the Dorset/Somerset border.

From there, they can be at any point in the two counties in less than 20 minutes. More importantly, the helicopter can, if required, then take a patient to the nearest Major Trauma Centre in the South West within a further 20 minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

faq air ambulance service
Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance

What is an air ambulance service?

An air ambulance service is a specialized form of transportation that involves using aircraft to transport critically ill or injured patients to hospitals or other medical facilities.

Air ambulances are equipped with advanced medical equipment and are staffed by trained medical professionals who can provide life-saving medical care during transportation.

When should you consider air ambulance services?

Air ambulance services are typically used in situations where traditional ground transportation is not feasible or may take too long to reach the destination. Some common situations where air ambulance services may be required include:

  • Medical emergencies in remote or inaccessible areas
  • Natural disasters or mass casualty incidents
  • Road accidents or other transportation-related injuries
  • Critical care transfers between hospitals

The benefits of air ambulance services

Air ambulance services offer several benefits over traditional ground transportation, including:

  • Faster transportation times, which can be critical in life-threatening situations
  • Access to remote or hard-to-reach areas that may not be accessible by ground transportation
  • Advanced medical equipment and trained medical professionals on board
  • Ability to provide critical care during transportation
  • Reduced patient discomfort and stress during transportation

How to choose the right air ambulance service

Choosing the right air ambulance service is critical to ensure timely and effective medical transportation. Some factors to consider when choosing an air ambulance service include:

  • Accreditation and certification of the service
  • Experience and training of the medical staff
  • Availability and responsiveness of the service
  • Cost and insurance coverage


In conclusion, air ambulance services play a critical role in emergency medical transportation. They offer fast, efficient, and effective transportation for critically ill or injured patients, particularly in situations where traditional ground transportation is not feasible.

By understanding the importance of air ambulance services and choosing the right service, you can ensure that you or your loved ones receive the best possible care during an emergency.