Is there an entry fee for riders? 

There is a small entry fee for the rides to cover our organising cost. This will be paid when you enter online. 

Can I use an E-Bike?

Absolutely!! We want as many people to take part as possible, if this would make you feel more comfortable then do it.

How long will it take me?

This will depend on how fast you pedal!! We expect people to finish between 100km route, 1-2hrs for 30km and 2-5hrs for the 60km.

What happens if I have a puncture or mechanical issue?

We suggest that you make sure your bike is good condition before starting. We would recommend getting it serviced in the weeks before the ride to try and avoid any issues.

However, we also know that these things happen. Therefore, we suggest that people carry their own puncture repair kit and basic tools bits, like you would on any ride you might do on your own. If this is not repairable then there is an emergency contact number, you can use. 

What happens if I crash or have a major health issue? 

We have St Johns Ambulance cover at both the start and finish of each event, However, in the case of any major incident or life threating circumstances the first response is to call 999. 

You haven’t answered my question.

Our apologies. Please ask us below and we will get back to you.

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