Is Giant Defy Advanced 2 Worth Purchasing?

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2022 Giant Defy Advanced 2 Review

  • Frame: Carbon
  • Gear: 2×11
  • Tires: 700c×32c
  • Price: $2800


  • Extremely high comfort paired with an excellent drivetrain


  • Non-same series of the crankset.

Throughout history, Giant has established its flagship collection of cruiser bicycles with the Defy series. The Defy series aims to strike a balance between traditional and aggressive riding styles, ultimately providing riders with the best of both worlds.

The 2022 Giant Defy Advanced 2 boasts an array of impressive features, including Giant’s proprietary accessories, a compression gear ratio engineered for long rides, and rotors cooled with Ice-Tech technology.

giant defy advanced 2
giant defy advanced 2

Additionally, the D-shaped seat tubes and 32C outer tires are key components that enhance the bike’s overall performance.

The Defy line is engineered with comfort as a top priority, but why settle for anything less than a bike that can handle challenging terrain and long-distance rides with ease?

In this review, we will provide an in-depth analysis of the 2022 Giant Defy Advanced 2, examining its suitability for both road and long-distance use, as well as its primary features, components, specs, and variants.

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Giant Defy Advanced 2 Road Riding

giant defy advanced 2 road riding
giant defy advanced 2 road riding

I selected the Defy model based on its superior geometry that is specifically designed to optimize rider comfort. Initially, I had some reservations about this approach, as it deviated from my accustomed stance.

However, as I cycled throughout the city on deserted streets, I found myself maintaining an upright position that differed markedly from the hunched-over posture of road cyclists.

Despite my initial skepticism, I have come to appreciate the enhanced comfort provided by this new position. By slightly tilting my head back, I am able to savor the scenery and reduce my sprinting intensity, making for a more relaxed and enjoyable ride.

As a road bike, the Defy is designed for speed and smoothness, and I have been impressed by its performance on both counts.

The elongated rear fork ensures a longer total wheelbase, resulting in exceptional stability and effective dampening of ground bumps.

While the Defy is capable of handling inclines with ease, the larger and more stable body may require additional time to navigate turns.

However, given my preference for a more leisurely ride, I find this to be a minor issue, as my primary goal is to fully embrace the journey.

Giant Defy Advanced 2 Long-Distance Riding

giant defy advanced 2 long distance riding
giant defy advanced 2 long distance riding

One of my preferred routes for cycling is through the tree-lined paths of The Old Head Wood, situated on the southern coasts of Clew Bay, an area known for its high humidity.

While the slick roads previously posed a challenge, my confidence soared on the Giant Gavia Fondo 1’s 70032c tires, which provided exceptional traction.

In the past, I had limited my cycling to brief excursions of 10 to 20 miles, primarily to maintain my fitness. However, after completing a 50-kilometer journey on the Giant Defy Advanced 2 with ease, I was pleasantly surprised.

Typically, I experienced severe back and neck pain on other road cycles when attempting to ride more than 20 miles, but Defy’s design ensured my comfort and encouraged me to push my limits.

The broad tires of the Defy provide a smooth ride on level ground and offer a cushioning effect on asphalt roads, promoting comfort throughout the ride.

While it may not be a professional race bike, Defy’s focus on endurance and all-day comfort makes it an excellent choice for long-distance rides. Its unique saddle design, which is wide and flexible, adds to the degree of comfort provided by the bike.

The Defy stands out as a near-flawless endurance road bike with exceptional handling and ride quality. It is highly suitable for maintaining speed on long-distance rides, and I find that it requires no additional accessories besides a water bottle.

Main Features

Below, we will be exploring the main features of a product in order to give you a better understanding of what it has to offer.

By highlighting these key aspects, we hope to provide you with valuable insights that can help guide your purchasing decision. So without further ado, let’s delve into the main features of this product.

Frame Group

Frame Group
Frame Group

During my testing of this product, I noticed a distinct stiffness in the top tube while performing short sprints. Upon investigation, I discovered that Giant claims this frame to be 30% stiffer than a typical frame in this direction, a remarkable feat.

One notable aspect of this product is its internal wire routing, which provides a sleek and uncluttered appearance while also simplifying maintenance.

The inclusion of a recessed rear lower fork also contributes to a lighter weight and purportedly enhances the rear road sensation by reducing wind resistance on the fork’s windward side.

The design of this product is thoughtfully executed, with attention paid to both performance and aesthetics.

The stiffness of the top tube and internal wire routing contributes to a clean and efficient ride, while the recessed rear lower fork reduces weight and wind resistance, ultimately enhancing the overall riding experience.


geometry bike giant defy advanced 2
geometry bike giant defy advanced 2

The riding position of this product sets it apart from traditional endurance bikes, which typically have a longer wheelbase and a taller stack.

Instead, this bike boasts a balanced riding posture that lends it a sportier feel, achieved through a taller stack (586mm) and a longer reach (381mm). As a result, it delivers a more dynamic riding experience compared to most enduro bikes.

Personally, I find this configuration to be well-suited to my needs. In fact, the Giant Defy Advanced 2 stands out from its competitors with a 10mm higher stack and a relative 5mm higher reach.

These subtle differences in design result in a more comfortable and natural riding posture, especially during long rides or when tackling challenging terrain.

The Giant Defy Advanced 2’s riding position is thoughtfully designed, providing a more active and sporty feel compared to many endurance bikes, without sacrificing comfort.

Its higher stack and reach set it apart from other enduro bikes in its class, and contribute to a superior riding experience.

Components and Specifications

Below, we’ll take a closer look at the components and specifications of the Defy Advanced 2, exploring its innovative design and features.

We’ll delve into the details of the bike’s drivetrain, braking system, and other key components, examining how they work together to provide a smooth and reliable ride.

Shimano 105 Kit

shimano 105 kit
shimano 105 kit

Jet has chosen to outfit this product with the Shimano 105 drivetrain and braking system, a wise decision given the widespread acclaim these components have received from the riding public over the years for their reliability and performance.

The gear ratio is also noteworthy, with a 50/34 crankset and 11/34 cassette offering a short gear ratio that makes it easy to tackle steep climbs. This ensures that riders can maintain their momentum even on challenging terrain.

Another impressive feature is the highly efficient braking system, which incorporates Ice-Tech rotors with exceptional thermal decay resistance.

This translates to swift and effective braking without the risk of overheating, providing riders with a reliable and safe experience on the road.

The use of the Shimano 105 drivetrain and braking system, along with the short gear ratio and efficient braking, contribute to an exceptional riding experience that is both reliable and high-performing.

D-Fuse D Seat Tube

Giant’s commitment to enhancing the riding experience is evident in their use of the D-Fuse seat post on their road bikes, which has been employed in various combinations for quite some time.

The seat post’s D-shaped design helps reduce wind resistance, and its flat rear shape provides a small amount of deformation in both the front and rear directions. This design has since been adopted by other brands.

In addition to the seat post, Giant is introducing D-Fuse technology to their handlebars. The handlebars’ minor deformation technology, which is also D-shaped, is designed to help riders navigate bumps while minimizing road vibration.

According to Giant, these handlebars are 10% more comfortable than standard carbon handlebars and are crucial for extended rides.

This attention to detail is just one example of how Giant prioritizes rider comfort and performance in the design of their bicycles.

Giant P-R2/Giant Gavia Fondo 1 700×32c Tires

giant p r2giant gavia fondo 1 70032c tires
giant p r2giant gavia fondo 1 70032c tires

The Giant P-R2 tires boast hookless rims, a feature that makes inflating and sealing the tires easier than ever before.

The rims also contribute to a significant reduction in weight without compromising the rims’ strength.

Weighing in at only 1545g, the rims are 250g lighter than the previous year’s model, yet still offer high tire capacity, allowing for wider tires.

Additionally, the Giant Gavia Fondo 1 tire is remarkably durable and can handle a range of conditions. The vacuum material in the tire allows for quick repair of minor punctures, preventing potentially dangerous situations.

Despite its resilience, the tire is not a stiff and uncomfortable training rubber. It is a versatile tire suitable for a variety of cycling needs.

Giant Defy Advanced in other versions

giant defy advanced 1
giant defy advanced 1

In this review, we have examined the 2022 Giant Defy Advanced 2, an endurance road bike that excels at covering long distances while still maintaining impressive speed. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for riders seeking a dependable and comfortable bike.

While the Giant Defy Advanced 2 offers exceptional value for money, we also explored its more advanced counterpart, the Giant Defy Advanced 1.

This model includes Shimano’s user-friendly 105 electronic shifting and an additional gear, providing a smoother riding experience. However, the increased performance comes at an extra cost of $1,100.

Ultimately, the decision to upgrade to electronic shifting is subjective and depends on personal preferences. In our review, we will delve further into the features and benefits of the Giant Defy Advanced 1, allowing you to make an informed decision.

What It Has That We Like


  • Excellent hydraulic brake.
  • Cost-effective 105 components.
  • Lightweight internal frame.
  • Comfortable geometry.
  • Vacuum tires offer lower maintenance costs.
  • Tough frame geometry with a dropped rear upper fork.

Don’t like

  • Not the same series of the crankset.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of components does 2022 Giant Defy Advanced 2 use?

The 2022 Giant Defy Advanced 2 is equipped with high-quality components, predominantly featuring Shimano 105 components, with the exception of the crankset. The Shimano FC-R510 crankset is utilized, which is also a reliable choice.

What kind of individuals is the 2022 Giant Defy Advanced 2 intended for?

The 2022 Giant Defy Advanced 2 is designed to cater to the needs of most road bike enthusiasts, particularly endurance riders who prefer long-distance cycling.

If you have a penchant for speed, this bike is an excellent option for you.

What heights does the 2022 Giant Defy Advanced 2 fit?

Please refer to the size chart provided for the 2022 Giant Defy Advanced 2. It’s essential to note that these sizes are intended as a general guide and that the ideal fit may differ from person to person. The most effective approach to finding the right size is to take a test ride.

Rider Height SIZE
157cm – 169cm XS
165cm – 175cm SM
171cm – 181cm MD
177cm – 187cm MD/LG
183cm – 193cm LG
189cm – 199cm XL

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Specifications for the 2022 Giant Defy Advanced

In this table, we will explore the specifications of the 2022 Giant Defy Advanced, providing a comprehensive overview of its features and capabilities.


Rims Giant P-R2 Disc wheelset
Spokes Giant P-R2 Disc wheelset
Front Hub Giant P-R2 Disc wheelset, 12mm thru-axle
Rear Hub Giant P-R2 Disc wheelset, 12mm thru-axle
Tires Giant Gavia Fondo 1, tubeless, 700x32c (33.5mm), folding


Rear Derailleur Shimano 105
Front Derailleur Shimano 105
Crank Shimano FC-R510, 34/50 XS:170mm, S:170mm, M:172.5mm, M/L:172.5mm, L:175mm, XL:175mm
Shifters Shimano 105
Cassette Shimano 105, 11×34
Chain KMC X11EL-1
Brakes Shimano 105 hydraulic, Giant MPH rotors [F]160mm, [R]140mm
Brake Levers Shimano 105


Frame Advanced-Grade Composite, disc BB Standard: BB86/BB92, Press Fit Colors: Deep Lake / Black; Amber Glow
Fork Advanced-Grade Composite, full-composite OverDrive steerer, disc
Rear Shock N/A
Bottom Bracket Shimano, press fit
Stem Giant Contact XS:80mm, S:90mm, M:100mm, M/L:110mm, L:110mm, XL:110mm
Handlebar Giant Contact SL D-Fuse XS:40cm, S:40cm, M:42cm, M/L:42cm, L:44cm, XL:44cm
Saddle Giant Approach
Seatpost Giant D-Fuse, composite, 14mm offset
Pedals N/A
Grips Stratus Lite 3.0

Table of Comparison

Bicycles Price (Click View)Drivetrain BrakesTires
2023 Trek Domane SL 6 Gen 4 $4699
Click View 
2×12Di Shimano 105 Hydro Disc Bontrager R3 Hard-Case Lite 700×32c 
2023 Bianchi Impulso Pro – GRX 600 $4000
Click View
1×11 Shimano BR-RX400, Hydro Disc Riddler Comp 700×37c 
Click View
2023 BMC Roadmachine X TWO   $5099
Click View
1×12 eTap SRAM Rival eTap AXS HRD  WTB Expanse 700× 32c 

2022 Giant Defy Advanced 2 vs 2023 Trek Domane SL 6 Gen 4

2022 giant defy advanced 2 vs 2023 trek domane sl 6 gen 4
2022 giant defy advanced 2 vs 2023 trek domane sl 6 gen 4

Upon comparison, it can be observed that the Trek Domane SL 6 Gen 4 boasts a superior automated shifting experience. D

espite both bikes being equipped with Shimano 105 grade components, the electronic shifting system on the Trek model enhances the shifting sensation by adding a rear gear, resulting in a more refined and efficient ride.

It is worth mentioning that the Giant Defy Advanced 2 prioritizes comfort without compromising on speed. With a longer Reach (381mm) and slightly shorter Stack (586mm), it offers a more open geometrical position, ideal for a relaxed riding experience.

On the other hand, the Trek Domane SL 6 Gen 4 offers a more upright and comfortable posture. However, it may not be as speedy as the Giant Defy Advanced 2.

Both bikes provide a wide range of sizes, catering to the requirements of all riders. Furthermore, they offer great value for money and are highly recommended for endurance road bikes in their respective price segments.

2022 Giant Defy Advanced 2 vs 2023 Bianchi Impulso Pro – GRX 600

2022 giant defy advanced 2 vs 2023 bianchi impulso pro grx 600
2022 giant defy advanced 2 vs 2023 bianchi impulso pro grx 600

The Bianchi Impulso Pro – GRX 600 showcases a gravel road bike aesthetic, with only a single crankset configuration available due to the utilization of Shimano’s off-road components.

The bike’s wider tires, coupled with its comfortable geometry, make it an ideal touring companion, though at the expense of its speed.

Conversely, the Giant Defy Advanced 2 can tackle any terrain with ease, thanks to its twin crankset design and smaller tires, making it an excellent choice for hill climbing.

It is crucial to note that these two bikes cater to different endurance preferences. The Bianchi Impulso Pro – GRX 600 is geared towards long-distance touring, while the Giant Defy Advanced 2 prioritizes speed and is suitable for long-distance racing.

Ultimately, personal preferences should guide the selection process when choosing between the two models.

Giant Defy Advanced 2 Vs 2023 Wilier Garda Campagnolo Chorus

giant defy advanced 2 vs 2023 wilier garda campagnolo chorus
giant defy advanced 2 vs 2023 wilier garda campagnolo chorus

The Wilier GARDA CAMPAGNOLO CHORUS is a lightweight bike with a frame made of top-quality carbon, as well as other components of the highest caliber. Although priced competitively, it may not be a viable option for all bikers seeking an affordable long-distance ride.

Alternatively, the Giant Defy Advanced 2 offers an exceptional value proposition at a reasonable cost.

Boasting a disc brake barrel axle frame and a full complement of entry-level Shimano 105 components, it is a great option for those looking to learn to ride without compromising on quality.

While the Wilier GARDA CAMPAGNOLO CHORUS is a superb bike, its pricing may limit its accessibility to some bikers.

On the other hand, the Giant Defy Advanced 2 provides an affordable and reliable alternative for riders seeking exceptional long-distance rides.

2022 Giant Defy Advanced 2 vs 2023 BMC Roadmachine X TWO

2022 giant defy advanced 2 vs 2023 bmc roadmachine x two
2022 giant defy advanced 2 vs 2023 bmc roadmachine x two

The dirt road bike in question features electronic shifting from Sram and is designed to support larger 32mm outer tires, making it an expensive option for riders seeking a smooth ride on varied terrain.

However, it’s important to note that its wider tires may produce more rolling friction compared to narrower road tires.

On the other hand, the Giant Defy Advanced 2’s thinner road wheelset may not be suitable for rough, gravelly terrain due to its lighter weight and smaller rims.

Nevertheless, it is well-suited for tackling poor road conditions, making it a suitable option for riders prioritizing comfort over speed.

Ultimately, the selection of a road bike should be based on individual preferences and intended use, as each model has its unique strengths and limitations.