Giant Fathom 2: The Perfect Adventure Partner?

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Giant Fathom 2 Review

  • Drivetrain: 1×10
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Seatpost: Dropper
  • Fork: Giant Crest 34 RCL 130mm Travel
  • MSRP: $1,500
  • Tires: 27.5×2.6″, plus a Giant Fathom 29 2 version with 29×2.5″ tires.
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc
  • A $1,500 trail bike that truly strikes a mix between comfort, speed, and pleasure.
  • A comparable issue is that its geometry is constantly viewed as being too aggressive.
giant fathom 2 review
giant fathom 2 review

Giant’s Fathom series, which comprises the Fathom 1 and Fathom 2 models, represents their most recent attempt to produce a hardtail trail bike.

Today we’ll talk about the Fathom 2, which is a great alternative for riders seeking speed, comfort, and enjoyment in the mountains.

Both of these bikes have become top sellers in today’s thriving mountain cross country market.

The Fathom 2’s lightweight ALUXX SL aluminium hardtail frame and 130mm fork are among its distinguishing qualities.

Riders might feel more at ease ascending steep slopes at fast speeds or tearing down them with ease thanks to this combo.

Also, the bike’s special design places riders in a more agile, nimble stance that allows for more vigorous pedalling, providing them the assurance they need to conquer difficult terrain.

A liftable Dropper seat post and wide tyres with outstanding traction on a variety of conditions are also included with the Fathom 2 to improve comfort and enjoyment while trail riding.

In this review, we’ve examined the ride, key characteristics, components, technical specifications, and various Fathom line iterations that are available.

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Giant Fathom 2 Off-Road Riding

Sincerity speaking, anytime I get my hands on a hardtail trail bike, I immediately head to the adjacent Snowmass Bike Park to test it out in the mountains. The Giant Fathom 2 is by far the most versatile and pleasant bike I’ve ever tried.

The Fathom 2’s unusually long 780mm handlebar was one of the first things I noticed while riding it.

It provided me with numerous alternatives for determining a comfortable grip and increased the range of motion in my hands, which made it simpler for me to breathe while riding.

And while I wasn’t standing perfectly straight at first, I soon understood that this stance allowed me to accelerate and display my skills with ease.

To be honest, I’m not really interested in endurance riding in the mountains. I just want to have fun and challenge myself. And the Fathom 2 undoubtedly meets that expectation.

I also have to highlight the wonderfully plush and comfortable Romero Saddle from Giant. My inner thighs are well supported while pedalling because to the long-nose design, which is incredibly appealing.

Overall, the Giant Fathom 2 has evolved into my preferred trail bike. It is a strong contender in my opinion due to its versatility, comfort, and enjoyment level.

The Fathom 2 should be considered if you’re seeking for a hardtail trail bike that can handle the mountains and offer a thrilling ride.

Giant Fathom 2 Off-Road Performance

The wide 27.5×2.6″ tyres on the Giant Fathom 2 really look great when it comes to navigating obstacles and tough terrain. They can effortlessly manage even the toughest garbage thanks to their remarkable passing power.

The Fathom 2’s ride quality was one thing I really liked. It felt steady and smooth. The Giant Crest 34 RCL 130mm fork did a great job of absorbing road jolts and vibrations while giving the ride a joyful and enjoyable feeling that was difficult to resist.

The Fathom 2’s drivetrain amazed me as I climbed a steep hill since it let me select the ideal gear for climbing. Before I knew it, I was effortlessly soaring up the slope when the chain switched quickly and cleanly.

The bike’s liftable dropper seat post and Tektro hydraulic brake lever made riding downhill just as enjoyable. I quickly flipped the switch, tilted my body back, and slid down the hill at the ideal pace.

In general, the Giant Fathom 2 is an excellent choice for riders who want a bike that can handle challenging terrain while still offering a smooth and comfortable ride. A truly amazing machine is created when the tyres, fork, drivetrain, and brakes all work together.

Main Features

The Giant Fathom 2 is a sought-after trail bike model that has drawn the attention of cyclists all around the world. We’ll examine it in more detail in the section that follows.

This outstanding motorbike is a top competitor in its class thanks to a number of characteristics. In order to understand what makes this amazing bike unique from the competition, let’s examine some of its key features.

Frame Group

frame group of giant fathom 2
frame group of giant fathom 2

Giant has a long history of making high-quality bicycles, and they used this experience to produce the Fathom 2, a bike that has an amazing riding quality.

Giant made sure the Fathom 2 could handle even the most difficult terrain with ease by combining the tried-and-true ALUXX SL-Grade Aluminum frame with cutting-edge welding techniques.

The Fathom 2’s hidden frame, which has an internal structure that is flawlessly aligned, is what stands out the most.
The Phantom Green and Concrete colour options for the bike are attractive complements to this design, which only increases its allure.

To ensure a smoother and more pleasant ride, the Fathom 2’s rear upper fork is built to offer improved damping capabilities. The rider will enjoy the Fathom 2 more because there will be less jarring and more steadiness.

Another noteworthy element of the Fathom 2 is Giant’s renowned OverDriver technology, which makes use of an expanded fork steerer tube to provide unmatched steering flexibility.

Due to this, even in the most difficult situations, the rider has complete control over the motorbike.

All things considered, the Fathom 2 is an exceptional bike that blends age-old skill with cutting-edge technology. The Fathom 2 is sure to amaze, whether you’re an experienced cyclist or a novice rider.


giant fathom 2 geometry
giant fathom 2 geometry

Although the aggressive geometry of the Giant Fathom 2 has drawn criticism, this is a problem shared by many bikes of its kind. Its main goal is to give the rider a fantastic off-road experience, not to be comfortable.

The 75° seat tube angle of the Fathom 2 is one of its distinguishing qualities. This gives the cyclist a secure pedalling position that makes climbing less difficult.

On the other hand, the rider benefits from the more relaxed 66° head tube angle when facing challenging downhill terrain.

The bike’s long wheelbase (1203mm, LG) and chainstay length (435mm, LG) are made to be stable on unsteady ground, allowing the user to confidently explore the jungle.

The Fathom 2 also has a 113mm tail, which is modest. This enables quick and agile steering as well as exceptional straight-line stability.

Also, while riding at high speeds, the bike can rectify steering tendencies. In general, motorcyclists looking for an off-road bike with excellent performance and versatility may choose the Fathom 2.

Components and Specifications

We’ll go over the Giant Fathom 2’s features and advantages in more detail in the sections that follow, emphasising why trail bike riders love it so much.

Shimano Deore M-4100 1×10 Drivetrain

shimano deore m 4100 1 10 drivetrain
shimano deore m 4100 1 10 drivetrain

With a variety of features that improve the riding experience, the Shimano Deore drivetrain is a dependable option for bikers. Shimano Deore M-4100 Shifters are one of the prominent features since they are simple to use and have a light touch.

The shifters have three gear selections and an OPTICAL GEAR DISPLAY, which makes it simple for the rider to quickly see the gear information.

The SHIMANO DEORE M5120 Rear Derailleur also has SHIMANO SHADOW RD+, which guarantees reliable shifting performance even on uneven terrain.

The derailleur’s durability is increased by the low profile design’s resistance to stone impact.

The chain stabilization technology developed by SHIMANO is yet another important component of the Shimano Deore transmission.

With the use of this technology, the chain may be stabilized while riding, resulting in a quieter and more seamless shifting procedure.

Tektro M275 Hydro Disc Brake System

Another interesting aspect of the Giant Fathom 2 that shouldn’t be disregarded is the braking system. The Tektro M275 Hydro Disc offers dependable braking performance in any terrain, season, or weather circumstance even though it may not be a high-end system.

Also, the single oil circuit design and sealed cylinder cover of the brake system make it simple to clean and maintain.

By doing this, the brake system is kept in excellent working order and can reliably stop the cyclist when they need it most.

For bikers who require top-notch performance, the Giant Fathom 2’s braking system is a dependable and effective option.

Maxxis Ardent Race Tires

maxxis ardent race tires
maxxis ardent race tires

The Giant Fathom’s Maxxis Ardent hoover tyres are a crucial and perfect combination, providing the rider with a variety of characteristics and advantages.

The Maxx Speed compound, which not only lowers rolling resistance but also permits a higher rolling speed, is one of these tyres’ most significant qualities.

Also, the EXO tyres are made of a soft, cut- and abrasion-resistant material, assuring that rough terrain or aggressive drivers won’t impair the tyres’ performance.

Moreover, the Maxxis Ardent Race is a premium MTB tyre with a centre tread that slopes downward, comparable to the Ikon.

With very little rolling resistance in the tread’s centre, the side knobs’ various heights offer exceptional traction and grip when cornering.

Because of Giant’s Tubeless Technology, these tyres have the additional benefit of being air leakage resistant. The long-term quickness and smoothness of the tyres’ rotating performance guarantee a constantly safe ride.

Also, the hoover tyre support enables riders to run their tyres at a lower pressure, which reduces weight and improves comfort without sacrificing performance.

Other versions of Giant Fathom

other versions of giant fathom
other versions of giant fathom

As stated before, the 2022 Giant Fathom 1 performs better than even its highly renowned sibling, the Giant Fathom 2.

Both the more sophisticated SRAM NX Eagle and SX Eagle groupsets are incredibly dependable for individuals who appreciate the SRAM operating philosophy.

The bike is ideal for both climbing and quick descents thanks to a straightforward and user-friendly 1×12 transmission and Shimano BR-MT420 hydraulic.

The Fathom 1 and Fathom 2 are now available in a 29″ size, which is perfect for riders who like bigger tyres.

The Fathom 1 will provide you an exciting mountain trail ride if you appreciate the SRAM sensation. On the other hand, the Fathom 2 is a great choice and can help you save $350 if you like Shimano.

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What It Has That We Like

  • The rider can experience the delight of riding with a higher speed and sensitive handling thanks to the geometry’s standard yet distinctive design.
  • The frame is not just lightweight but also incredibly sturdy thanks to the cutting-edge ALUXX SL Aluminum technology.
  • The interior alignment’s design is quite straightforward and lovely, and it also results in fewer tangles during riding.
  • The cyclist may be active on the mountain with the power drivetrain and braking system of Shimano Deore.
  • Giant Contact dropper remote switch that facilitates ascent and descent.
  • A more flexible steering function will be provided by the Stem with the OverDriver technology.
Don’t like
  • It may disappoint riders who prefer to ride in an upright position.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Are you curious about the drivetrain of the 2022 Giant Fathom 2?

It features a Shimano Deore M-4100 1×10 speed drivetrain that offers reliable and smooth gear shifting.

What about tire sizes for the 2022 Giant Fathom 2?

It comes with 27.5×2.6″ tires, but there’s also a 2022 Giant Fathom 29 2 option for riders who prefer larger 29×2.5″ tires.

Wondering how to purchase the 2022 Giant Fathom 2?

I found it very convenient to purchase mine from Giant’s official website. Alternatively, you can visit a local authorized dealer for assistance.

Confused about what size of the 2022 Giant Fathom 2 to get?

Check out the size chart available on the official website for reference. However, for a better fit, I suggest going to a special authorized dealer for a test ride.

While I can’t guarantee that it will fit perfectly, this will provide a more personalized experience and help you make an informed decision.

Rider Height (cm) Rider Height (in) Frame Size
163cm – 172cm 5’4″ -5’8″ S
171cm – 180cm 5’7″ -5’11” M
179cm – 188cm 5’10” -6’2″ L
187cm – 198cm 6’2″ – 6’6″ XL

2022 Giant Fathom 2 Specs


  • Frame: ALUXX SL-Grade Aluminum Colors: Concrete; Phantom Green
  • Fork: Giant Crest 34 RCL, 130mm, 44mm offset, Boost 15×110
  • Rear Shock: N/A
  • Bottom Bracket: Praxis, press fit
  • Stem: Giant Contact SL 35 S:40mm, M:40mm, L:50mm, XL:50mm
  • Handlebar: Giant Contact TR35, 780x35mm
  • Saddle: Giant Romero
  • Seatpost: Giant Contact Switch dropper, remote S: 125mm travel / 30.9 x 395mm M: 125mm travel / 30.9 x 395mm L: 150mm travel / 30.9 x 440mm XL: 170mm travel / 30.9 x 450mm
  • Pedals: Platform
  • Grips: Giant Sole-O


  • Rims: Giant AM 27.5, tubeless ready sleeve-joint rim, 30mm inner width
  • Spokes: stainless
  • Front Hub: alloy, sealed
  • Rear Hub: alloy, sealed
  • Tires: Maxxis Ardent Race 27.5×2.6, folding, TR


  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano Deore M-5120
  • Front Derailleur: N/A
  • Crank: Praxis Cadet M24, 30t S:165mm, M:170mm, L:170mm, XL:170mm
  • Shifters: Shimano Deore M-4100, 1×10
  • Cassette: Shimano Deore M4100, 11×46
  • Chain: KMC X10
  • Brakes: Tektro HDM 275, hydraulic, Tektro rotors [F]180mm, [R]180mm
  • Brake Levers: Tektro HDM 275

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Comparison Table

Bicycles Price Gear Brakes Tires 
2023 Trek Roscoe 7 $1,899 1 × 12 Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc 27.5 x 2.60″ or 29×2.60” 
2022 Marin San Quentin 2 $1,459 1 × 11 Shimano BR-MT201 Hydraulic Disc 27.5 x 2.6″ 
2022 Canyon Stoic 4 $1,999 1 × 12 SRAM Guide T Hydraulic Disc 27.5 × 2.35″ or 29 × 2.35″ 
2022 Kona Honzo $1,899 1 × 11 Shimano MT410 Hydraulic  29×2.4″ 

2022 Giant Fathom 2 vs 2023 Trek Roscoe 7

2022 giant fathom 2 vs 2023 trek roscoe 7
2022 giant fathom 2 vs 2023 trek roscoe 7

The 2023 Trek Roscoe 7 has an astounding rate of speed, I must admit. Yet, as seen by its 131mm trail measurement, its performance on mountainous terrain can be deficient in agility.

It could not be the most responsive choice as a result when you need to ride the bike and demonstrate your abilities.

The Fathom 2 might be more appropriate for athletes with high performance standards. Yet, if speed is your top need and you don’t mind giving up some agility, the 2023 Trek Roscoe 7 can still be a good option.

2022 Giant Fathom 2 vs 2022 Marin San Quentin

2022 giant fathom 2 vs 2022 marin san quentin
2022 giant fathom 2 vs 2022 marin san quentin

It appears that there is some confusion among people regarding the similarities between the 2022 Marin San Quentin 2 and the Giant Fathom 2.

Although both bikes share the same tire size and fork travel, the Marin San Quentin 2 boasts a more aggressive geometry, as indicated by its Stack/Reach Ratio of 1.29.

If you find the Giant Fathom 2 to be a bit too aggressive for your liking, it’s important to note that the Marin San Quentin 2 may be even more challenging in terms of maintaining proper posture while riding.

Given these considerations, it seems that the Giant Fathom 2 would be the more suitable choice between the two bikes.

2022 Giant Fathom 2 vs 2022 Canyon Stoic 4

2022 giant fathom 2 vs 2022 canyon stoic 4
2022 giant fathom 2 vs 2022 canyon stoic 4

It appears that while the 2022 Canyon Stoic 4 boasts impressive speed and a high-quality groupset, it is unfortunately plagued by a significant flaw.

The bike contains cancer-causing chemicals, as indicated by the Proposition 65 Warning label, which has caused many potential buyers to steer clear of it.

Thankfully, there are plenty of other reliable and enjoyable bikes available, such as the Giant Fathom 2, which could be a great alternative for those who are concerned about the composition of the 2022 Canyon Stoic 4.

With so many excellent bikes to choose from, it’s important to prioritize both performance and safety when making a purchasing decision.

2022 Giant Fathom 2 vs 2022 Kona Honzo

2022 giant fathom 2 vs 2022 kona honzo
2022 giant fathom 2 vs 2022 kona honzo

It appears that while the 2022 Kona Honzo comes with a higher price tag than the Giant Fathom 1, it may not offer any significant advantages in terms of its groupset.

Despite featuring the same 130mm travel fork and Deore’s 1×11 speed powerplant, it may be difficult to justify the extra cost of the Honzo.

Instead, the Giant Fathom 1 could be a more attractive option for riders who are interested in the Kona Honzo.

With a more advanced drivetrain and wider tires that provide improved comfort and maneuverability, it offers comparable performance at a more reasonable price point.

When deciding on a bike, it’s important to consider both performance and value, and the Giant Fathom 1 appears to deliver both in spades.