How to Fix a Squeaky Bike Brake

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Are you familiar with the unsettling vibration and noise that can occur when applying the brakes on a bicycle? This disturbing phenomenon is often anticipated as the brakes are engaged, and the resulting screech can be quite jarring to the auditory system.

how to fix a squeaky bike brake
how to fix a squeaky bike brake

Particularly in urban environments, where traffic is congested, the sound of squeaking brakes can create an uncomfortable atmosphere, drawing unwelcome attention from other cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians alike, especially when approaching traffic lights.

The resulting noise can be disruptive to the surrounding environment and may cause discomfort to individuals with sensitive hearing.

Bicycle Brakes Squeak

The occurrence of a squeaking sound when braking on a bicycle indicates the presence of an underlying issue that demands attention. It is unwise to adopt a “wait and see” approach, hoping the noise will dissipate with time.

bicycle brakes squeak
bicycle brakes squeak

Although noise levels from new brakes or brake pads tend to decrease progressively with each use until the brakes are broken in and operate silently, persistent squeaking may result from several factors.

Given the paramount importance of properly functioning brakes for safety, every cyclist should regard the squeaking sound as a warning sign and conduct a thorough inspection of the braking system.

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Causes of a Squeaky Bicycle Brake

Whether your bicycle is equipped with disc brakes or rim brakes, riding with a squeaky brake can be a frustrating experience.

Several factors may contribute to the occurrence of this noise, including new brake elements that require breaking in to achieve optimal performance and stop squeaking.

causes of a squeaky bicycle brake
causes of a squeaky bicycle brake

After 3-4 rides with moderate braking, the brake pads will adjust to the rim or brake disc, eliminating the noise.

Another potential cause of squeaking brakes is loose brake caliper mount bolts in disc brakes, which can be resolved by tightening the screws to a torque of 7-8 Nm.

Improperly adjusted brake pads can also cause squeaking in rim brakes.

When fitting V-Brake pads, ensure that they form a V shape rather than remaining parallel to the rim. During braking, the front of the brake pads should touch the rim first, followed by the rear.

Another common cause of squeaky brakes is dirt accumulation on the brake pads and discs or rims.

To address this, thoroughly clean the brake components with brake cleaner to eliminate the problem. Regardless of the cause, addressing a squeaking brake is essential for optimal safety and riding comfort.

Conclusion: How to Fix a Squeaky Bike Brake

fix a squeaky bike brake
fix a squeaky bike brake

It is essential to emphasize that applying oil to the brake disc or rim is not an appropriate solution to address squeaky brakes.

While such a measure may temporarily eliminate the noise, it severely impairs the braking performance of the bicycle. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to refrain from applying oil to the brakes to address any squeaking issue.

In the event that a squeaking noise occurs when braking, it is important to ensure that the chain or other parts of the bike are not sprayed with lubricant in close proximity to the brake disc or rim.

To prevent this, it is recommended to apply chain spray in a manner that avoids contact with the brake elements, by spraying from the back to the front.

If a squeaking noise is suddenly heard when braking, it may indicate that the brake pads are worn out and need to be replaced.

Additionally, off-road riders may experience a rattling sound due to spokes becoming loose, which can be adjusted using a centering key or by seeking the assistance of a bike mechanic.

Another possible reason for squeaky bike brakes is the use of hard brake pads, which can be addressed by replacing the pads with a softer rubber compound.

In cases where the brakes continue to squeak, sanding down the brake pads and the brake disc or rim with soft sandpaper can be an effective solution.

However, it is important to note that oiling the brake disc or rim should be avoided, as this will significantly decrease the effectiveness of the brakes.