Kit Guide

This is by no means the complete guide for what you might want, but the key parts that we think you will need to take part in the ride. Don’t forget to download our checklist so you don’t forget something key on the day.


You will need a road/endurance bike for this, other bikes are not designed for the distances we will be covering and you will struggle to keep up. If you have any questions please get in touch, we will hand you off to Tom who is happy to talk bikes all day long. You might actually regret asking!!!


If you are worried about fitness or simply just want a helping hand, we would suggest you look at getting an E-Bike. Although they don’t pedal for you, they give you extra power when you need it, which will help you keep up, or just arrive at the top of the hill without sweating.



It is highly recommended that you use clip in shoes for a this ride, they will make a significant difference. We would recommend you get used to them before turning up on the start line, there is nothing more embarrassing than falling over at a set of traffic lights, trust us, we have done it!!


Embrace it, Hugo certainly did!! There is a reason cyclists wear it, not only does it provide some much needed padding to help make your bum more comfortable, but it is also more aerodynamic. That baggy t-shirt might not feel like it has much drag on the ride down to the shops, but over 120km+ it becomes like a parachute. We have teamed up with Rapha and will be releasing a custom kit for the ride, this will be released in early 2022.

Rain Jacket

A good rain jacket can often be the difference between a miserable day on the road and getting up and throwing your bike over the side of the road. 


These will be mandatory for the ride. This is one area that you shouldn’t pinch the penny’s, a good helmet, might not only save your life, but will be considerably more comfortable on a hot and sweaty day and there will be a few of those. 

Other bits and bobs..

Bike Fitting

We would definitely recommend getting your a bike fit, ideally before you buy a bike, but an after market bike fit is still worth it. A proper fit will make sure that everything is aligned nicely in order to make sure that your ride is comfortable and less likely to get injured.

Bike Computer

Entirely optional, but if you are like us you will want to get your rides on Strava and start trying to climb up the rankings on some local segments. We will also be providing the GPX files for each route, so if your GPS supports it you’ll get directions as you go and more importantly know how long is left of that day!!

Download our checklist

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